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The Saga of Ryzom now available for online purchase and download

London and Paris - 28th September 2004 - Paris-based game Developer and Publisher, Nevrax, and Jolt Online Gaming, Europe's largest independent online gaming network, are pleased to announce the launch of the Saga of Ryzom electronic purchase and download system. The system is primarily intended for use by residents of those countries that are not covered by a retail distribution agreement.

"The Saga of Ryzom is destined to be a worldwide success, and we're glad to be doing our part in bringing it to as wide an audience as possible," commented Dominic Silk, Jolt's CEO. "We're expecting a high volume of initial purchases with the game now available to territories such as Asia and Australia."

Upon purchase, subscribers will receive a unique CD-Key with one month of automatic subscription and access to a high-speed download of the game client. The electronic purchase and download can be found at

"The Saga of Ryzom is a Massively Multiplayer ONLINE Role Playing Game, and as such I'm glad to offer a download solution to the countries where we don't have a retail presence yet", said David Cohen Corval, Nevrax CEO.

The Saga of Ryzom is a new massively multiplayer online RPG, launched this month and now available worldwide. Elected "2004 best MMO of E3" by Warcry, the gaming press is unanimously praising Ryzom : "it looks great, sounds compelling, and more importantly feels different from the raft of MMOs threatening to glut the market" (, "Ryzom could be the prescription against staid and tired MMORPGs" (Computer Gaming world). In a nutshell, "Ryzom could be the answer to your multiplayer prayers" (PC Gamer).

In The Saga of Ryzom, you create your own personal character and choose your own quests and adventures to shape your new destiny. Become a great hero with the power to change the future of entire civilizations. The Saga of Ryzom features:

  • A Story Line That Matters: Enjoy a wholly original universe fusing science fiction and fantasy where players shape the story and each server charts its own course.
  • A Lush, Living Ecosystem: The world of Atys is alive, with a rich and diverse ecology where flora and fauna dynamically interact with each other and the ever-changing environment. Nothing is static in Ryzom.
  • Massive Territorial Invasions: Ryzom's RAID Engine delivers excitement on a large scale. Monsters will assault key outposts, dynamically invade territories, and devastate entire regions if left unchecked.
  • Epic Battles with Hordes of Monsters: Fight hundreds of creatures at once in pitched battles! Ryzom offers groundbreaking mass combat mechanics that allow combat on a scale never before seen in MMORPGs.
  • Flexible Skill-Based Advancement: Develop your character through a skill-based system that grows in detail as you gain experience. Ryzom offers five huge skill trees with thousands of possible choices.
  • Customized Skills and Special Attacks: Ryzom's unique Modular Action System lets you create your own custom actions. From a core set of building blocks, make as many spells and special attacks as your imagination will allow.
  • Rich Item Creation/Enchantment: Hunt and forage for scarce natural resources to craft complex items from the bottom up, then add enchantments to your equipment to make it vastly more powerful.
  • Guilds and Factions: Meet new friends and form your own Guild to compete against other players (PvP) or build strong alliances to face common enemies in mass combat.

About Nevrax

Founded in early 2000, Paris based Nevrax is an online game and software development company that specializes in massively multiplayer online games. Utilizing NeL, its open source platform, Nevrax's team of 50+ engineers and designers have developed their first MMORPG, a science fantasy game entitled Saga of Ryzom, released 09/2004 in Europe and in North America

About Jolt Online Gaming

Launched in October 1999, is Europe's largest and most popular privately owned and independent online gaming network - with over 1000 game servers online. Utilising a multi-gigabit network that consistently outperforms its competitors, jolt is the network of choice for serious gamers and games companies alike.

In addition to providing superior internet connectivity, hosting, infrastructure and management jolt was the pioneer and is also the World leader in the supply of rentable servers to clans. As well as its' public gaming servers jolt also provides tailored solutions for game developers, publishers and companies. These range from High Performance Leased Lines through to 24/7, fully managed, game server solutions for clients in both the First Person Shooter and Massively Multiplayer genres.

Contact for Nevrax

Laurence Guillaume -

Contact for Jolt

Dominic Silk -

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