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The President has been Impeached!

For Immediate Release

April 19th, 2005 (California, USA) - In a socio-political scandal today, Positech Games ( announced that the president has, in fact, been fired. Protesters lined the streets and chanted slogans such as "The President Sucks" and "Down with the President." They are now seeking a new candidate to fill the role and they are looking for someone just like... YOU.

Enter the world of Democracy. Where it is up to you as elected leader of a nation to solve everyone's problem, and do it in such a way they'll consider re-electing you next term. Every decision you make affects someone, for better, or for worse. Manage the economy, the environment, and a rather large body of very angry voters. Pull it off and you just may have a job 4 years down the line. Fail and... well... don't fail.

As president, Democracy places you in control of one of ten nations. With your newly acquired power you must attempt to make your country a better place without being voted out of office every 4 years. You must maintain the budget, levy the taxes, pass new laws, change existing laws, manage important policy decisions, and much more. Each action you take affects the voters, sometimes making them happy, sometimes making them angry, and often times making some of them happy and some of them angry.

Voters are divided into groups consisting of a wide variety of people you will have to please. These include Socialists, Capitalists, Parents, State Employees, Environmentalists, Motorists, Smokers, Drinkers, and many more. You can track your popularity amongst these groups with each policy change. Fall too far out of favor with one group, such as religion, and the church its self will condemn you!

With over 80 different policy changes, each with an "emphasis" slider, you can create a limitless number of political combinations to push whatever agenda is currently running through your politically-savvy brain. You're the big cheese; you call the shots, in Democracy the world is at your mercy.

So stop complaining about your crappy government and show them how it's done! Democracy comes with a free demo to let you try before you buy. The free demo is available from

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