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Thanks to the talisman Farah gave him at the end of the Sands of Time, the Prince still has the ability to control time. To use his time powers, the Prince needs to have sand in the medallion. He can refill sand slots by passing close to the dead bodies of enemies. Each sand cloud will fill one sand slot.

Time Travel

In special places called "warp rooms," the Prince can use his powers to travel through the Timeline to a distant past or come back to the present. Laws of cause and effect can help him to progress in the present by altering the past.


By using this power, the Prince can rewind time to cancel any mistake or to avoid any attack. Once he has rewound, he can redo the actions he missed. The power timer displays how much time the Prince can rewind.

Eye of the Storm

The Prince is able to slow down time as he continues to move at the same speed. This allows him to defy speed-limited traps and to fight his enemies while they are slow and helpless. Tap the L1 button to use the Eye of the Storm attack during a fight.

Breath of Fate

This power lets the Prince do a strong ground attack that hurts several enemies simultaneously.

Wind of Fate

This power lets the Prince do an even stronger ground attack that hurts several enemies simultaneously.

Cyclone of Fate

This power lets the Prince do the strongest ground attack, hurting several enemies simultaneously.

Ravages of Time

The Prince can do a light-speed attack that instantly kills most enemies.

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