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The Pocket D Jubilee starts today!

City of Heroes / City of Villains Valentine's In-game Event

Created as a space where heroes from Paragon City and villains from the Rogue Isles could get together and socialise, the Pocket D nightclub allows rival forces to share a drink, team up for special missions, but most importantly - get down on the dance floor and boogie!

One year ago, on Valentine's Day, DJ Zero relocated and re-launched the infamous Paragon Dance Party to great success. In fact, all involved had so much fun at last year's event that we've decided to celebrate the First Anniversary of Pocket D's opening by doing it all over again.

To encourage heroes and villains to work together again, a brand new reward is on offer for those who complete the special event mission - a Valentine's heart pattern costume set which is unique for male and female characters.

Heroes and villains, now is the time to band together! Put your differences aside and head to Pocket D where you can join Ganymede, Emissary of Eros, as he harnesses the passionate and powerful forces of love. But be warned, not everyone will be feeling affectionate - the dreaded redcap Snaptooth also returns to sour the mood!

Event Timing

Love is in the air from Tuesday, 13 February!

Start: Tuesday, 13 February at 11am GMT (12pm CET)

Finish: Sunday, 4 March at 11pm GMT (12am CET)

Pocket D is an interdimensional nightclub run by the mysterious DJ Zero. Heroes can enter from Kings Row, Talos Island and Founder's Falls, while villains can make use of the entrances in Port Oakes, Sharkhead Isle and St. Martial.

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