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The Perfect Companion for Your Treo, iBook, PowerBook, or Xbox

O'Reilly Releases Four New Fan Books

For Immediate Release

Sebastopol, CA--The ideal gift for anyone who owns a Treo, PowerBook, iBook, or an Xbox--or who will own one once Santa visits--are O'Reilly's new flock of "Fan Books." These colorful little guides are the quick and fun way to get users acquainted with their new devices, lead them through the many features and capabilities, and show them tips and tricks that will make them instant experts.

O'Reilly's Fan Books show users how to customize preferences and learn about the coolest cases, add-ons, and doodads that not only add functionality but also personalize their devices. "When you bring home a new Apple iBook, for example," says Derrick Story, author of both the "iBook Fan Book" (O'Reilly, US $14.95) and "PowerBook Fan Book" (US $14.95), "it's really Apple's computer--not yours. All of the settings were made at the factory. But you can make it your iBook by sitting down with it and customizing a few simple preferences. This is my goal: to make Apple's iBook YOUR iBook as quickly as possible."

And readers can count on these full-color Fan Books to be every bit as stylish and hip as the devices they showcase. "Attention is spent on every word, picture, and design element," says Story. "We're hoping that you'll

like these books as much as the subjects they cover."

O'Reilly's affordable (less than US $15 apiece) new Fan Books include:

"Treo Fan Book"--Owners of the Treo smartphone from palmOne will master their revolutionary little do-all device in no time flat with the new "Treo Fan Book." This unbeatable reference guide contains all the information people need--and want--to know about the combined mobile phone/Palm-powered organizer/wireless email, text messaging, and web-browsing tool/digital camera.

"PowerBook Fan Book"--This is the perfect guide for mastering all the features and taking advantage of the advanced capabilities of Apple's most desirable laptop. The "PowerBook Fan Book" takes readers through the process of getting familiar with their new machine and OS X Panther, learning handy tricks and using high-end features, and finding out about little-known but gotta-have accessories for their sleek and speedy new PowerBook.

"iBook Fan Book"--Anyone who owns an ultra-thin iBook can count on the "iBook Fan Book" to give them everything they need to make the stylish little white wonder work--and play--just as hard as they do. The book covers: getting familiar with Mac OS X Panther; organizing a digital lifestyle; using advanced features; enjoying iBook at home, at the office, and on the go; minimizing time and stress; and maximizing fun and productivity.

"Xbox Fan Book"--With cool 3D graphics, mind-boggling animation, and devastatingly real audio, Microsoft's Xbox is the most powerful and popular gaming machine ever created. And now, the half-million (and growing) gamers who own one have a reliable, all-purpose reference book to guide them to the ultimate video game triumph: the top score! The "Xbox Fan Book" covers using the console, enhancing the multimedia experience, online play, recommended games like Halo, and accessories such as the Xbox DVD Playback Kit.

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