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The Path

European Innovative Games Award 2010 clutch proudly to Tale of Tales' chest.


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Frankfurt, Germany, 15 October 2010

During a glitzy ceremony at the Congress Center in Frankfurt, Belgian independent games developer Tale of Tales were awarded the Advancement Prize for Innovative Game Design by the European Innovative Games Award 2010 for their moody and mysterious Red Ridinghood-inspired exploration game "The Path". Other winners were "Limbo" (Game Design), "Kinect", "CryEngine 3" and "Cloddy" (Technology), "Houthoff Buruma - The Game" and "Gabarello" (Application Methods). This is the second time in a period of one month that Tale of Tales receive an award -in September, "The Path" was awarded for Best Sound and Best Design at the hóPLAY

festival in Bilbao. The game was first released in March last year. 


"Maybe The Path is a European game," muse creators Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn. "It's been a finalist in both Indiecade and the Independent Games Festival in California, but it takes juries in Spain and Germany consider it a winner. We're not complaining. The European games industry needs to expand!"

Tale of Tales' controversial title "The Graveyard" had been a nominated for the European Innovative Games Award of 2008, but did not manage to win. "The Path" was more successful. Tale of Tales take home 10,000 Euro with the award. Money that will be invested entirely in the production of "The Path"'s spiritual sister game, code-named "The Book of 8", currently in prototyping phase.

"The Path" turns game design conventions upside down. There is a single rule in the game, but it needs to be broken. There is a goal in the game, but when you reach it you die. There are many objects to be found in the large open environment of the game, but you need to let go of the avatar to interact. There's 144 flowers that can be collected but no reward for doing so. And in the last part of the game, you can only move forward or stop. There are no options, no "meaningful choices".

Tale of Tales consider these subversions necessary to express the essence of the fairy tale. Little Red Ridinghood is a story about the pain that accompanies growth, about the lack of control that humans sometimes have over their lives and about how destruction is sometimes the only way forward.

Awarding a design born out of its content, rather than out of the "fun factor" of its mechanics, may turn out to be an important step forward in the evolution of video games as an expressive medium. It certainly encourages Tale of Tales to continue their research of the artistic potential offered by interactive technologies.

More information about the Path can be found here:

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The Path main website: http://Tale-of-Tales.com/ThePath


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