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The No Bull MAME Arcade Guide

Book explaining how to build your own retro arcade machine for under $500.

Building a home arcade is a project that almost anyone can handle--if they have the right advice. From the seasoned wood worker and certified computer genius, to the technologically challenged guy who can't tell a socket wrench from an allen wrench, The No Bull MAME Arcade Guide will help anyone fulfill the dream of building a home arcade.

The guide shows how to build a home video arcade for less than $500. Once built, the step-by-step directions ensure it with soon be loaded with hundreds of retro arcade games. Thousands of classic arcade games run easily on one arcade machine.

Beverly Hills, CA - With hundreds of pages, over 40 images, and dozens of helpful links, The No Bull MAME Arcade Guide carefully explain everything needed to build the ultimate video arcade. Plus, the guide covers other uses for the arcade, like setting it up as a music jukebox or pinball emulator.


"I realized there wasn't an up to date manual for building a MAME arcade," says author, Adam Aarons. "So, I decided with my years of experience I owed it to the DIY community to step up and make it possible for others to share the fun of playing these classic games with their families."

The No Bull MAME Arcade Guide is available now at Amazon (, Barnes and Noble (, and for only $4.99. It will be available for Sony, Apple, and other eReaders, as well as in large format print, within weeks.

About the Author:

Adam Aarons has been an arcade enthusiast since the first time he lined up his quarter on an Asteroids machine. He's been working with emulators and MAME for over ten years and has built over 100 arcade cabinets. For media inquires and review copies, contact Adam Aarons at: or visit his webpage at:

MAME is the property of the MAME development team. The No Bull MAME Arcade Guide, and Adam Aarons are not, in any way, affiliated with the MAME project. 

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