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The Next Generation Of Online Football Arrives

Free 24/7 on demand play and big cash prizes thanks to coreFootball: the most advanced online football management sim on the web.

Thursday 22 June 2006/... The world of online football management simulations is set to change forever this summer. Global coreSports, a new games developer set to bring innovation and convenience to sports simulations, will be launching coreFootball - a revolutionary multiplayer football management game that brings an amazing range of cash prizes within the reach of budding football managers.

To push online football games into the next generation, coreFootball uses advanced software to provide a football management simulation that can generate thousands of matches in real-time. This remarkable new technology allows players to test their skills against each other 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in a wide range of on-demand and pre-scheduled competitions.

Even better news for managers is that winning with coreFootball can mean winning lots of money. Membership is entirely free, with a small range of league and tournament championships bringing cash prizes. Throughout the July trial period, coreSports will be running an 'end of first season' tournament with a guaranteed minimum cash prize of £5000 that is accessible to all players who sign-up during that month. The prize value will increase in size during August and September.

Subscribers can get access to a much larger range of financially rewarding avenues by putting their own cash on the line. For example, they can log on and jump straight into an instant cash challenge match against another player and place wagers on themselves winning. These wagers can range from anything between £1 and £10,000. Private tournaments can also be arranged with wagers between the competitors, along with a multitude of official leagues and special competitions for paying managers. Prizes can rise to a mammoth £100,000 for sponsored high-roller and accumulator tournaments, which will occur on a seasonal basis.

Winning coreFootball matches is down to skill rather than chance, thanks to the advanced simulation software. Each match outcome is determined by the manager's choices - both pre-match and during play, which are then combined with the simulated players' in-game decisions to decide what happens during the match. CoreFootball, more than any other sim, reflects a Manager's genuine ability to manage a team of artificially intelligent players.

Featuring a range of game functions as complete as any offline game, coreFootball allows managers to build teams from scratch or from existing real-world team templates. Like a real manager they are responsible for player selection, fitness and transfers as well as the assignment of team formations and pre-match tactics. During live matches, managers can use real-time controls from the dugout to monitor player fitness and performance as well as change tactics, formations and make substitutions on the fly. All live games are displayed through the manager's chosen Internet browser, with traditional 2D pitch views or full 3D close-ups, complete with in-line commentary. Every live match can be viewed by other members as it happens, allowing managers to study form and keep an eagle eye on any virtual players they may want to sign for their own teams.

The whole coreFootball experience is backed up with an extensive online community featuring forums, chat rooms and instant messaging, allowing managers to interact with each other in almost any way they choose.

Those keen to get involved in the next generation of online football management can visit the coreFootball website at to sign up.

Visitors to the website should also take advantage of coreFootball's downloadable content, which includes regularly updated user interface screenshots, 3D game demonstration, virtual tour of the system and 'Keep Your Eye On The Ball' - coreFootball's very own football anthem.

About Global coreSports Ltd:

Global coreSports Ltd (GCS) was spun out of technology consulting and new ventures group Execute Technologies Inc in 2005. The company's prize gaming technology platform combines client/server know-how, with novel in-silico technologies drawn from the biotechnology industries to deliver live and on-demand gaming competition and social interaction. The core platform can be configured with any strategic sports management game and can be readily ported to online, fixed terminal and 3G formats.

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