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Barcelona, 25 June 2007 - Gammick Entertainment S.L. announces its launch as a video game production company. The company, founded in April 2007, seeks to establish itself as the most important international producer in Spain.

Gammick aims to oversee and nurture the productions of international video game development companies. The initiative responds to the needs, both financial and organisational, of the growing Spanish video game sector.

The production company is based in Barcelona and is supported by one of the top five communications groups in the world, confirming the commitment of Gammick to work with both development teams and international publishers. The team includes specialists with up to fifteen years' experience in video game development, production and international distribution.

"The Gammick vision is to create a video game production brand that brings together Spanish and international development enterprises emphasising accessible gameplay and attractiveness to casual players," says Sergio Rincón, managing director of Gammick Entertainment S.L. "It's a really exciting challenge for us to create playable concepts that are easy to export and communicate, with fun and profitability as our basic premises."

Gammick will focus on video game production for PCs, new generation consoles and portables, in particular for Nintendo DS. Its first project for PC is Shadows of War, the real-time strategy (RTS) game developed by Legend Studios set in the period just before the Second World War, due for international launch in the 4th quarter of 2007.

Gammick has an exclusive production deal for Nintendo DS with the Spanish company Abylight and its own creative studio in Barcelona, Gammick Studios. Gammick currently has three projects in production and development for Nintendo DS, the first of which, Smasher Z, will come out in 2008.

Gammick starts out with solid backing, extensive know-how and attractive production projects that confirm its potential. The twin premises of fun and profitability underline the company's commitment to produce titles that are easy to play, direct and immediately satisfying for the player and are a sure success for the publisher.

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