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The new game "Sparta – Ancient Wars" revives antiquity more realistic than ever before

Cologne, April 1st, 2005

In February the new RTS spectacle "Sparta - Ancient Wars" was introduced to the public and inspired the press with detailed screen shots. This information is now followed by a specific view on the techniques and mechanisms of the game. The development team is currently working under high pressure to finish the very first playable demo to be shown at E3 in May.

The developer team is directed by the German industry veteran Torsten Hess, who already worked significantly on the renowned build-up strategy series "Settlers". On this year E3 he will introduce "Sparta" to interested trade visitors and international journalists, together with details on the "Ancient Wars" 3D engine. Until this date, all fans and friends of real time strategy games must exercise patience before they receive new screen shots, sketches and first detailed information.

"Sparta - Ancient Wars" features a revolutionary physics engine, developed for real time strategy games, which is able to raise the game feeling to a new dimension. All units, buildings and the environment (e.g. trees, rocks, water, fire, etc.) are simulated physically correct and interact with each other. Battle horses and -elephants kick soldiers out of their way and trees shiver when shot by catapults. Workers are hit by shooting stones, thrown backwards or even die by the power of impact. Massive buildings break down with various effects when hit by projectiles, depending on the kind and intensity of the bombardment. But the physics engine also affects peaceful resource management, narrow and smaller battles. Leaves are blown impressively through the landscape by the wind and water splashes when hit by rocks or debris. The realism in "Sparta - Ancient Wars" goes far enough to show bloody injuries and killed units that are left behind. Such realistic and pitiless

battlefield scenarios have only been shown in Hollywood movies until date.

More than thirty missions of the three fractions are initiated with cut scenes by the "Ancient Wars" engine which prepare for the battles. But not only these cut scenes provide an impressive background. Also unpredictable events provide sudden changes, contradict existing missions and require complete new tactics.

The developers are also unveiling one of the new features for the genre of real time strategy games, since all transportation units will be able to overtake the basic features of the units that have been loaded. In addition, the loaded units will be visible aboard, which facilitates to identify the most threatening opponent within different enemy fractions.

For instance, some ships have eight free slots. If filled with normal workers, the ships' speed will increase, since additional power is added to the oars. But if archers are standing at the rail, enemy ships will be shot from the distance or even covered with fire arrows. The most powerful attacks are made by mobile catapults that are able to turn complete ship bodies in physically correct simulated flotsam and can also strike fortified harbour towns from sea. On the other hand, these catapults are very vulnerable to boarding by close battle ships, which can defeat mobile shooting by their sword fighters or phalanx. "Sparta - Ancient Wars" will be published for the PC in 2006 and provide single player and multi player battles. At the moment the game is not signed by a publisher, but the developers are in ongoing negotiations with different partners.


  • Real time strategy game orientating on historical time line
  • Revolutionary "Ancient Wars" 3D engine with spectacular graphics
  • Three campaigns of different nations
  • Special multi player maps
  • More than 30 missions
  • Greatly staged battles without unit limitation
  • Battles on land and on sea
  • Self developed physics engine
  • Cut scenes & sequences with in-game graphics
  • Transportation systems receive battle points by upgrading with combat units
  • Realistic injuries and remaining bodies.

Title: Sparta - Ancient Wars

Genre: Real time strategy

Platform: PC CD-ROM (DVD)

Release: 2006

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