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The Multiverse Network Unveils Prototype Games And Virtual Worlds

Projects Will Immerse Users in Diverse Environments, Including Underwater Worlds, Classic Shakespearean Stories and Martian Landscapes


GAME DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE, San Francisco - March 7, 2006 - The Multiverse Network, Inc., a company building the world's leading network of massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) and 3D virtual worlds, today demonstrated for the first time six prototype games and worlds built by independent development teams on the Multiverse Platform.

"We're tremendously excited to unveil these early efforts, as they're indicative of how Multiverse is helping those passionate about creating the next great online experiences transform their ideas into reality," said Bill Turpin, co-founder and CEO of The Multiverse Network, Inc. "By giving developers our platform technology with no upfront costs and eliminating many of the barriers to getting started in this market, we're making virtual world development faster and less expensive than ever before."

During the conference, Multiverse will demonstrate the following projects currently in development by a range of unique teams, including university-led groups, a professional game development studio and small team efforts:

The Synthetic Worlds Initiative -- Arden: Indiana University's Dr. Edward Castronova is leading The Synthetic Worlds Initiative to construct Arden, a synthetic world based on the characters, plots and themes of William Shakespeare. In constructing this world, the team has called upon experts from a variety of disciplines, including history, political science, economics, psychology, fine arts, computer science and law. When complete, the world will consist of geographically accurate topography, period music and spoken dialogue performed by trained artists, historically accurate art models and an economic system.

Max Gaming Technologies -- Dark Horizons: An established independent game studio with several single and multiplayer titles already released, Max Gaming is creating an MMOG based on its successful Dark Horizons science-fiction property. The game, which will be massive and instanced, will contain a player-driven economy and political system, a learning-based skill system and a fast action combat system.

Doomsberg Entertainment -- Forgotten Legends: Doomsberg Entertainment is a young and energetic team of gamers-turned-game-creators who met through the Multiverse developer community. Their next-generation fantasy world includes a skill and power-based leveling system that will enable players to improve their characters through a wide range of innovative game play, without the need to "grind."

Wardog Studios -- Force of Arms: With the Multiverse Platform, this team of dedicated and talented developers, with non-traditional game design backgrounds, is now able to realize their dream of entering the video game industry. Force of Arms, which uses the award-winning Hero System TM role-playing system, is a futuristic mech-based game that includes innovative use of mixed media.

Mars Colonization Authority: An educational MMOG designed to teach science, technology, engineering and math to junior and high school students, Mars Colonization Authority is designed around the near-future space exploration and colonization of the planet Mars. Its gameplay will focus on exploration, problem-solving and traditional questing.

Georgia Institute of Technology's Emergent Game Group -- Mermaids: Under the direction of Dr. Celia Pearce, Mermaids is an underwater virtual world designed to let visitors explore rich and vibrant ocean ecology. The team has also pioneered a gesture-based interface that enables players to interact with the world and other players in a unique manner.

Since December 2005, over 9,000 developers, ranging from garage teams to Fortune 100 companies to Hollywood legends, have registered to use the Multiverse Platform. In addition, more than one hundred pre-qualified customers have already begun building MMOGs and non-game virtual worlds with the Multiverse Platform. Presently in beta, Multiverse will release version 1.0 of its platform later this year, which it expects will spark development of hundreds of diverse MMOGs and virtual worlds on the platform. Even in beta, Multiverse enjoys a very active and collaborative user community, which has surpassed 15,000 posts to its developer support forum.

"Unlike our competition, we absolutely depend on our customers -- whose feedback, from the onset, has been and continues to be instrumental to the development of our platform," said Corey Bridges, co-founder and executive producer of The Multiverse Network, Inc. "From a business perspective, we only make money if our customers make money -- through a very compelling revenue-sharing model -- so we have a vested interest in seeing them succeed, no matter how they define success."

About The Multiverse Network, Inc.

The Multiverse Network, Inc. is creating a network of online video games and virtual worlds. The company recently licensed the popular sci-fi TV series Firefly to become a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG). Its unique technology platform will change the economics of MMOG and virtual world development by empowering independent game developers to create high-quality titles for less money and in less time than ever before. Multiverse solves the prohibitive challenge of game creation by providing developers with a comprehensive, pre-coded client-server infrastructure and tools, a wide range of free content -- including a complete game for modification -- and a built-in market of consumers. The Multiverse Network will give video game players a single program -- the Multiverse Client -- that lets them play all of the MMOGs and visit all of the virtual worlds built on the Multiverse Platform.

For more information about the company, please visit www.multiverse.net.


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The Multiverse Network, Inc.



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