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The Mountain Lake

The Mountain Lake, it only laughs.

New York -- February 9, 2011

Featuring a novel point-and-click control scheme, The Mountain Lake is the first exploration-based 3D game that anyone, even those with no video game experience, can simply pick up and play. Guided by a strange collection of wacky blue people, players will explore a beautiful, mysterious island, hiking through forests and climbing mountains and trees, on a quest for identity and purpose.

"I had two goals in designing this game," said Yossi Horowitz, The Mountain Lake's lead developer. "The first was in response to the debate about achievements and extrinsic rewards that's been circulating through the game industry in the past year or so. I decided to join the conversation by trying to create a game featuring no extrinsic rewards at all, or even any extrinsic goals. All goals are communicated to player through the world of the game itself."

He continued, "My second goal in the game's design was to create a control scheme for navigating a 3D world that would work well for casual gamers, or even those who don't play video games at all. When my dad sat down with the game and immediately was able to successfully move through its lush 3D world, it was clear that I had been incredibly successful."

About Bleating Sheep Productions

Founded by game industry veteran Yossi Horowitz and located in New York City, Bleating Sheep Productions is an independent developer of cinematic video games with a particular focus on character, narrative, and dialogue. More information can be found at mountainlake.bleatingsheep.net.

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