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The Mobile Empire Strikes Back with LEGO® Star Wars™ II


WOKING, UK - 02 January 2007 - THQ Wireless and TT Games Publishing Ltd today announced their plans to release LEGO® Star Wars II TM Mobile, the sequel to one of the highest-quality and best-selling mobile phone games of 2005. Created by Universomo, LEGO Star Wars II Mobile is slated for an international release this holiday season.

Based on the Star Wars Trilogy, LEGO Star Wars II Mobile includes even more of the family friendly LEGO action, puzzles and humour that earned the original LEGO Star Wars such popularity and acclaim.

LEGO Star Wars II Mobile is based on events in Star Wars :Episode IV A New Hope, as Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 perform an undercover rescue mission on board the Empire's ultimate weapon, the Death Star. The objective is to find and rescue Princess Leia, who lies captured somewhere in the Death Star's prison cells.

The adventure starts when Luke Skywalker sets off to rescue the errant droid R2-D2, who wanders off as soon as the rescue team lands the Millennium Falcon on the Death Star. Luke has to find R2-D2 so he can access the location of Princess Leia's prison cell to rescue her and escape from the Death Star. During these missions, the player fights against the forces of the Empire and solves LEGO puzzles in order to proceed through all of the 18 interconnecting levels.

Star Wars fans will be delighted to learn that they can control Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, and Princess Leia, each with their own special powers. For example, Leia is great with her gun, while R2-D2,is key when solving the game's puzzles. While controlling one game character, the player can leave the other characters on strategic locations where they can act independently: In some parts of the game it is essential to have a sidekick covering your back while you're moving LEGO blocks to access new locations in the game!

"TT Games Publishing are confident once again to have formed an alliance with THQ Wireless for the successful distribution of LEGO Star Wars II for mobile," said Garry Edwards, Business Development Director of TT Games Publishing.

Adam Comiskey, Vice President of THQ Wireless international, added, "We're excited to be able to deliver even more fun and creativity to the mobile games player under the LEGO Star Wars banner."

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About LucasArts

LucasArts, a Lucasfilm Ltd. company, is a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software worldwide for video game console systems, computers and the Internet. Based in San Francisco, Calif., as well as on the Internet at, LucasArts was created in 1982 by George Lucas to provide an interactive element to his vision of a state-of-the-art, multifaceted entertainment company.

About TT Games Publishing.

Based in Burnham in Buckinghamshire, TT Games Publishing is the leading developer and publisher of quality branded games for young gamers and their families. Following the launch of the multi-award winning LEGO Star Wars video game, they built on that success by the successful release of the BAFTA award winning LEGO Star Wars II, which is distributed via LucasArts Inc. As custodians of the LEGO brand in the video game space, TT Games Publishing continue to deliver immersive gameplay experiences that attract players across all ages and genres.

About THQ Wireless

THQ Wireless Inc., a subsidiary of THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI), is a global leader in mobile entertainment, offering a wide range of wireless products, including games, personalization products, information services and messaging based on top brands such as the WWE®, Star Wars, popular Nickelodeon properties and professional sports leagues including the NFL and NHL. Headquartered in Minnesota, United States, THQ Wireless has offices worldwide, in addition to distribution agreements through wireless carriers across the globe. Further information can be found at

About THQ Inc.

THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI) is a leading worldwide developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software. The company develops its products for all popular game systems, personal computers and wireless devices. Headquartered in Los Angeles County, California, THQ sells product through its global network of offices located in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. More information about THQ and its products may be found at and THQ, THQ Wireless, Company of Heroes, Destroy All Humans!, Juiced: Eliminator, Saints Row and their respective logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of THQ Inc.

About The LEGO Company

The LEGO Company is a privately held, family-owned company, based in Billund, Denmark. The Company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of play materials for children, employing approximately 8,000 people globally. The LEGO Company is committed to the development of children's creative and imaginative abilities, and its employees are guided by the motto adopted in the 1930s by the founder Ole Kirk Christiansen: "Only the best is good enough."

About Universomo Ltd

Established in 2002, is concentrated on mobile game development for global publishers. Universomo has developed games for companies such as THQ Wireless, TT Games, Digital Chocolate, Mr. Goodliving and Sulake. In 2005 Universomo developed 11 games, the estimate for 2006 is 20 games.

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