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The Mastertronic Group adds Sega…

The Mastertronic Group has announced a deal to release key Sega PC titles across its best-selling PC Gamer Presents... and M.A.D labels, with six titles already confirmed for release with more to follow.

Sega are rightly seen as one of the key video game developers of all time, with a heritage that spans everything from Sonic the Hedgehog to the likes of Daytona USA. It is one of the few publishers that can produce quality games for any genre, and is as comfortable producing pixel-perfect copies of its arcade hits to stunning role-playing titles or sports titles. It has also shown its strength in terms of acquisitions, championing UK-developed titles such as Worms Forts: Under Siege and the acclaimed Football Manager 2005 - both of which will be released through The Mastertronic Group as part of the deal.

Both Worms Forts: Under Siege and Football Manager 2005 have enjoyed massive success as full-price titles, and lead a line of six very strong titles. The Mastertronic Group will also release World Snooker Championship 2005, Blade's stunning simulation; House of the Dead 3, the latest and greatest of Sega's coin-op shooters; Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile, a sprawling empire-building epic; and Sonic Heroes - the latest high-speed run-out for Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends.

"We are absolutely delighted to be able to offer Sega titles through our two £9.99 labels," comments Andy Payne, Managing Director. "Sega are a true legend in video gaming, and these six titles showcase all that has made them great. Each title is of remarkable quality and shows how they can turn their hand to any genre. To offer the likes of Football Manager 2005 and Sonic Heroes as part of the PC Gamer Presents... and M.A.D labels further illustrates our commitment to giving consumers unbeatable titles at unbeatable prices. Watch them fly off the shelves."

About Mastertronic Group Limited

Mastertronic is one of the best known electronic entertainment brands in Europe. It pioneered the European console market with its launch of the Sega Master System, invented the budget retail sector and built an international development and publishing operation under the Virgin Mastertronic label.

The brand was subsequently relaunched as The Mastertronic Group Limited in 2003 by founder Frank Herman, together with Andy Payne and Garry Williams.

The Group now leads the European value publishing sector through its retail brands M.A.D. (Mastertronic Added Dimension), Sold Out (the UK's largest-selling budget operation, acquired by the Group in 2004) and PC Gamer Presents, a unique quality-assured brand in association with the leading games magazine publisher Future Publishing.

The Group also offers, through its wholly owned subsidiary The Producers Limited (also acquired in 2004) a 'cradle to grave' total turnkey service for physical product, from marketing through packaging and warehousing to retail and electronic distribution. In addition, MAD 4 Games, a wireless channel for content delivery to mobile phones was established first quarter 2005.

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