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The Magic Toy Chest

Physics-based, clutter-tidying indie puzzler.


August 12, 2008 – The Magic Toy Chest is the latest and greatest game released by Graduate Games( A physics-based puzzler featuring addictive and open gameplay, The Magic Toy Chest brings the whole family together to solve mind bending puzzles with simple point and click gameplay. The game is inspired by classic 2D games such as "The Incredible Machine" but has been updated with modern graphics, sound, and dynamic physics sprinkled in for good measure. It's available to download now for Windows.

Who said picking up around the house couldn't be fun? In the Magic Toy Chest, you must pick up all your toys strewn about the house before dinner. Luckily for you, you have a magic toy chest that can magically store an unlimited amount of toys all in one convenient location. You will stack blocks, build bridges, launch rockets, drive trucks, fly helicopters, go bowling and much more in over 100 levels across 8 unique rooms of the house. The game's physics engine allows for a dynamic sandbox, so each level has a mulitude of possible solutions. Race to complete each chore in the shortest amount of time and with the most efficient solution to unlock more features and areas. Best of all, your progress and personal stats are all autosaved!

The Magic Toy Chest features include:

• 100+ puzzles to solve

• 16 unique toys

• 8 different rooms of the house to explore

• Realistic 2 Dimensional Physics

• Fully Featured Level Editor to Make your own Levels!

• Easy to learn Point & Click Gameplay/Controls

• Levels Unlock based on your Skill Level

• Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

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About Graduate Games:

Graduate Games was founded in 2006 by Michael Gnade and Zachary Gebelein in Wilmington, Delaware (“The Place to be Somebody!”…that’s really the city’s slogan). Mike and Zak grew up next door to one another and have been friends for decades. Graduate Games aims to offer fun, creative, and polished games to the kid in all of us. Inspired by classic 2D retro games that we played on the Genesis, Nintendo, and Super NES during our youth, it is our goal to make our game ideas a reality.


Contact Information:

Mike Gnade

Graduate Games



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