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The Machine

Contraption-building puzzler from rural England, available now via Impulse.


Herefordshire, United Kingdom -- November 02, 2010 -- The Bumpkin Brothers, independent game developers from the UK are inviting players to take control of ‘The Machine’ with the release of their contraption building simulation puzzle game via the Impulse Digital Distribution platform.

The Machine invites players to move and process units of Calibrated Unifying Bonded Energy Storage (also known as CUBES). Sounds like a simple job to begin with but it soon turns out you’ll need all your logic and puzzle-solving skill to build the right Machine. However, foreman Bob is available to lend a helping hand and he’s sure there’s always a way to get the job done.





Getting The Machine onto Impulse was a significant milestone for the developers. "It's ALIVE!" said Richard Bawden, lead developer of Bumpkin Brothers. "We're awfully proud of the game and the positive response we've had from the Impulse community." Lead level designer and sound engineer Andy Yates was equally enthusiastic and added, "Did you want some tea while you're here?"

For additional information on the release of The Machine please contact the Bumpkin Brothers by email or visit . A demo is available on the Impulse information page.

About The Bumpkin Brothers

The Bumpkin Brothers are a collective of independent game developers from out in the sticks of the United Kingdom. To date they've enjoyed success with a handful of titles for both PC and iPhone. Each title brings them closer to their goal of never having to enter the banking profession.


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