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The Legacy of Holy Castle

Browser-based MMO enlists 150,000 players in two months.

California, United States 29 Aug 2008: PKVE (Peak Virtual Entertainment Co., Ltd.) announced that its first Medieval Multiplaying Browser-based Game The Legacy of Holy Castle has got more than 150,000 registered users in two months! To meet the demands of the increasingly developed players, the third Server is expected to launch in about 20 days. The official website of this game is:

The Legacy of Holy Castle has been developing crazily since the first day of its appearance. It’s a Middle Aged strategic webgame featuring fresh gameplay, innovative ideas, some nice graphics and so much more.

The Perfect Combination of Hero Development and Strategy Battle, Unique Battle Formation System and the real time chat box are the prominent features that make this game different with other same genre games.

This Game though introduces yet another element of the wide realms of instant-gratification games. RPG, Role Play Games, are craftly weaved into the fabrics of this browser game. The hero system adds an element that varies with the players’ intelligence and determination and not, as most browser games do, with the one guy who has a louder alarm clock in the middle of the night to build something right after the new mine is done.

In order to keep player from overlooking the heroes feature the heroes are one of the very rare ways to get a very important resource, Wood, so the player have to get their minds into the gameplay.

This way not only the games works always at his top standard, but also this standard is constantly highered and the game is not only kept a good one but is constantly improved for better entertain the players.

Join and enjoy the game at or, build your own castle in this Holy world!

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