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The Last Wish

Fantasy novel from Poland's Andrzej Sapkowski set in the world of The Witcher.


"People like to invent monsters and monstrosities. Then they seem less monstrous themselves.” – From The LAST WISH

Orbit is thrilled to announce the first U.S. publication of THE LAST WISH, the fantasy novel from internationally acclaimed Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski

Geralt de Riv is a Witcher – a killer-for-hire. Geralt possesses magical and alchemical powers, a deadly blade, and a mordant wit. He is a hitman sent after the creatures of myth and fairytale.

But the lines between good and evil are never straightforward. In a world rife with racism, terrorism, and corruption, every motive is suspect. Hired to rid the world of its demons, Geralt often find that the demons are less guilty then their prey.

THE LAST WISH is available in bookstores nation-wide on May 1st.


Andrzej Sapkowski was born in 1948 in Poland. He studied economy and business, but the success of his fantasy cycle about the sorcerer Geralt de Riv turned him into a bestselling writer. He is now one of Poland's most famous and successful authors. The Witcher was recently adapted into a critically acclaimed video game by CDProjekt/Atari


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