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The Kitty Claw Game

Object retrieval arcade game headed to the App Store next month.

Orlando, Florida - August 25, 2009

– Haviami Animation Studios, developer and publisher of casual games, today announced that the Kitty Claw Game® will arrive on the Apple I tunes store for the IPhone and IPod markets worldwide in mid-September. The first of five apps due out this year by the Central Florida Studios in 2009 at a list price of US$0.99.

"Kitty™ is the Studios main character with his side kick Ricky Rat™" noted George Distler, Creative Director of Haviami Animation Studios and Haviami Studios Corporation. Conceived and designed by George, The Kitty Claw game is loosely based on the arcade Claw Game but with a twist. Players move Kitty along an Alley wall over trash cans and the players tap the Kitty character and his claw lowers into the cans to capture a variety of objects including Ricky Rat™. With three different modes of play the Kitty Claw game® will attract a wide following, from 6-year olds to great-grandmothers.

About Haviami Studios Corporation and Haviami Animation Studios.

www.haviami.com is a multi-platform provider of "casual games" - fun, easy-to-learn, irresistible computer games that appeal to everyone from age 6 to 106. Based in Orlando, Florida, Haviami was founded in 2008 by George Distler the company’s Creative Director, the company also offers Graphic Web Design as well as IPhone App Development for other customers.

About the Characters.


Is a two-dimensional character in a Three dimensional cartoon world. He lives in Toonburg with his pal Ricky rat

® and the other “washed up cartoons” they scrounge through the dives of the cartoon world trying to stay out of trouble, but they do not succeed often.

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Kitty and Ricky Rat are trademarks of Haviami Animation Studios, Inc. and Haviami Studios Corporation and may be registered in some countries.

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