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The K-D LAB team announces the establishment of KDV Games

The K-D LAB team announces the establishment and active promotion of a new trademark KDV Games (full title - KD VISION Games Development Company). The people behind KDV Games are a team of professional computer games developers, who have worked hard on the promotion of K-D LAB's brand in national and world markets for many years.

The K-D LAB Company was officially founded about 10 years ago and has made enormous progress as a Development Company in recent years. The Professional team of KDV Games is highly experienced in the creation of unique and high quality computer games of various genres. The most popular K-D LAB projects are - the unique RTS "Perimeter" (2004), the surrealistic Action/Adventure game "Vangers" (1998) and the crazy Adventure/Racing Arcade "Spanking Runners" (2001). K-D LAB is also famous for their skills in creating logical games and puzzles - the company is a repeated winner of worldwide entertainment software contests (Enix'97, Enix'98, GDC IGF 2000).

Aside from the creation of gaming projects, the team of K-D LAB is also highly experienced in the development of professional tools for designing and assembling quality games. QD Engine - an integrated system for the creation of adventure & quest games is well known amongst developers and computer games fans alike. A number of projects were set-up using the QD Engine technology not only for K-D LAB ("Pilot Brothers 3D. The Kitchen Garden Wrecker Case"), but also for other companies ("Little Longnose", "Pilot Brothers. The Reverse Side Of The Earth", "Nu pogodi! Edition 3. Hare Song.")

With the establishment of KDV Games K-D LAB's team is planning to use their many years of experience to introduce their own production & development methods to a range of consumers worldwide. First and foremost, KDV Games is working on the development of a toolset for the effective creation of quality entertainment software. A new unique technology Vista Engine - a professional tool for the creation of RTSRPG series is in development now!

The establishment of KDV Games does not mean the shutdown of K-D LAB. The K-D LAB Company still exists and fulfills every obligation agreed with their partners. K-D LAB continues the development of the QuestAdventure series "Pilot Brothers 3D", as well as some other, not yet announced projects.

KDV Games is the new way of working for this experienced team, directed at the organization of an effective computer games production method with a fundamental accent on the development of production tools. It is our considered opinion that the creation of quality toolsets is indispensable for the maximum realization of any highly developed ideas and game concepts.

KDV Games Company wishes to express cordial thanks to all of their partners and friends for support in the beginning of this complicated but promising path.

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