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The Interplay of

IEE Seminar

Wednesday 27 April 2005 at The IEE, Savoy Place, London

Organised by the Visual Information Engineering & Multimedia Communications Professional Networks

Games have, until recently, followed film releases and were very rarely linked to TV productions. However, in recent years we are experiencing a change towards more playful and more equal interplay between these three very different media productions; TV productions are using Games Engines, Films are made after successful computer games. Significant recent developments such as the move towards a totally digital production and distribution process for the film and broadcasting industries, and the progress in computer power and realistic rendering techniques, and the engaging power of Computer Games have instigated this.

This event will provide a forum where game, computer graphics, film and TV production key players both from research and the industry can exchange knowledge and bring together their different perspectives and approaches. Topics to be covered include Computer Games, Digital media production, use of Computer Game Engines in film/TV production, linear and non-linear narratives and formats, realistic computer Graphics.


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