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The Hunter

Some thoughts on online delivery from Emote Games' David Rose.


The online delivery of games has opened up many opportunities for small Developers and Publishers. Close and continued relationships with players, significantly quicker time to market and constant product evolution are all huge positives. Running a 24/7 service and ensuring ongoing player satisfaction are challenges, but challenges every games provider will have to face as the majority of games will become services in the next 5 years.

Emote Games released (Real life 3D hunting simulation with social connectivity) early 2009 surprising many analysts who were expecting the first game on Emote Games suite of social technology, ‘Participate’ to be targeted at the domestic market. However the hunting genre has a rich history of product but has been considered niche at retail outside of the US. This resulted in little evolution of the genre and demand in the market for a high quality product focussed on realism and real immersion in the environment. To capture the feeling of being out in the wilderness carefully considering every move is classic gameplay. That feeling is global as the performance of the game since launch has proved.

The US market has been the core focus for The initial inspiration for the environment is Washington State with the appropriate flora and fauna. For locals to the area and the wider US hunting community it’s been vital to get the details of this ecosystem correct. However the positive reaction from players in many other countries has exceeded expectations.

40% are Northern European players demonstrating that online delivery offers the potential to reach users in markets that historically have not sold hunting games at retail. This allows the Publisher to make informed decisions about territory promotion and localisation but most importantly reach every player who has an interest in the genre. In the first 3 months since launch players have registered at from 178 countries.

The games industry has historically been a leading exporter in the UK, digital channels are now strengthening this claim. Few other sectors within the UK have been built on only 10% of revenues originating from the domestic market. The UK industry deserves recognition and support or this continued export success. This is especially significant now as devalued Sterling makes UK development increasingly competitive.

This is an exciting area to be at the forefront of and liberating both creatively and commercially. With global reach made more readily available through digital channels many more titles will reach beyond our traditional borders to become successful globally.


Article written by David Rose, COO of Emote Games Ltd


Emma Brown

Marketing Manager

Emote Games

+44 (0) 791 733 2923

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