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The Heaven of Three Kingdoms

Gameplay video released featuring the sounds of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.

? Depicts extravagant PvP game play and horseback battle system for each class

? OST played by the Czech Philharmonics Orchestra illustrates the vastness of the battles

The game play video of <The Heaven of Three Kingdoms> ( – “Prelude to the Great Battlefield”, serviced by HanbitSoft Co., Ltd. (K.Y. Kim, CEO), has been revealed at G-Star 2010 held in Busan, the largest game festival in Korea.

Receiving good response on its CBT last October, <The Heaven of Three Kingdoms> strives to become a traditional MMORPG with the world view of the Three Kingdoms, and offers battlefield experience with the great generals of the Three Kingdoms of “Wei, Shu and Wu”. The game maximized the fun of battlefield through the dynamic battles on horseback on a broad and vast terrain, as well as massive siege warfare.

Users can play strategically by choosing from 8 classes by kingdom, and the dynamic image and freedom maximized through 4 stages of 80 skills system adds to the fun. The hero title system that allows direct game playing of historical dungeons and 1,000 quests as one of 113 heroes is another attraction of <The Heaven of Three Kingdoms>, and the rich and massive sound of Czech Philharmonics Orchestra is expected to maximize the emotions and attraction of the battlefield.

The recently released video of <The Heaven of Three Kingdoms> is characterized by the extravagant PvP game play of 8 classes, which are the medieval knight, healer, martial arts master, sorcerer, assassin, archer, magician and paladin.

Also, the horseback battle system of using rides of each kingdom, which are Wei’s wolves, Chu’s bears and Wu’s wild boars, realistically depicts the speedy battle system unique to <The Heaven of Three Kingdoms>.

The finale of the video clip, which is the large-scale siege warfare, is evaluated to add to the immenseness and grandeur of the battle through the OST directly performed by the Czech Philharmonics Orchestra, while depicting the attraction of battlefield, which is the pride of <The Heaven of Three Kingdoms>.

<The Heaven of Three Kingdoms> – “Prelude to the Great Battlefield” has been regularly recruiting testers for the 3 rd CBT through its official homepage since the 15 th. The brilliant battle play of <The Heaven of Three Kingdoms> can be viewed at the HanbitOn G-Star homepage (

On the other hand, HanbitSoft Co., Ltd. has installed a demonstration booth at this G-Star 2010 event to allow guests to play all of its games on-site, including <War Cry>, <The Heaven of Three Kingdoms>, <Extreme Trolling> and <Squadflow> to induce explosive response from the users.


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