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The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft

First in-game screenshots released.

Vienna, Austria, 11th of September 2008: The first ingame screens of the new PC adventure game, The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft, reveal the appearance of Frank and Joe Hardy. Using the voices and likenesses of two of Hollywoods brightest newcomers, Jesse McCartney (starring as Frank Hardy) and Cody Linley (Joe Hardy).

The Hardy Boys is one of literature’s most beloved, bestselling and longest running literary series and chronicles the adventures of two famous amateur detective brothers. While being most popular in Northern America, Hardy Boys books have been issued in over 25 languages, including Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, French, German, Sinhala, Japanese, Russian, Malay, Afrikaans and Italian.

Frank Hardy

Frank Hardy is the older of the two brothers. He is more methodical and cerebral th an Joe, and often has to reign in his younger brother’s enthusiasm. He is 6’ 1” and has dark hair and eyes.

Joe Hardy

Joe Hardy is seventeen years old and the opposite of his older sibling. Joe is much more impetuous and a bit more boisterous than Frank, and sometimes acts first and thinks later. He stands at 6’ 0” and has light hair and eyes.

In The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft, the vault at Spencer Mansion is robbed, and the Bayport Police call on the Hardy Boys to help tie-up some loose ends, but they soon find themselves in the middle of a major criminal investigation that takes them on an adventure all over Bayport, and even into New York City. But the pieces don’t add up, and Frank and Joe find themselves embroiled in a drama of sinister proportions.

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