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The Guild 2 - Demo Available

Add some Medieval spice to your life….with the release of the demo..

Time to play Carry On medieval with The Guild 2. Where you can find a wife, have children and when the time comes die. Leave your dynasty behind to carry on, conquer and to rule.

Liezen, Austria, October 30th 2006; Publisher JoWooD Productions, Co Publisher Deep Silver and developer 4 Head studios are pleased to announce the release of the demo for The Guild 2. A medieval period drama where you create your own dynasty, also a life simulation, an RPG and an action game! And the best thing become the main character!

Please download the demo here:

Experience the most breathtaking life-simulation ever to be created! Live choose to live your life as preacher, thief, craftsman, outcast or's up to you!


Middle Ages come to life! Experience the end of the middle ages like you have never done before in a beautifully crafted and immersive 3D world. Everything's realtime! Walk around the streets and accidentally watch an execution of a prisoner or a rich merchant being robbed by one of your opponents. Keep your power growing! Be a successful merchant or a cunning thief and watch your dynasty thrive or fail and see your clan and family diminish. Build your own character! State-of-the-art role playing features allow you to create your own unique character and play in a party of up to 3 members with different strengths and weaknesses. The Guild 2 is a unique mixture of RPG and life simulation in an immersive middle ages scenario. The player and his party become part of history and can even change it in real-time

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