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The Great White Destroyer

Become a hungry shark in indie PC game.

Indie Games Developer Brent Anderson has released “The Great White Destroyer” (TGWD) under his Backyard Ninja Design label. In this hilarious cartoonish game with a bite you take control of a shark with an attitude and appetite!


Never before has it been more fun to be a bored shark! Eat anything and everything that crosses your fins: fish, mammals, innocent swimmers, boats, birds and even complete docks! Controlling your shark is easy and intuitive: simply press the left, right or both mouse buttons for slow, medium or fast movement respectively, while aiming your jaw at anything that moves! The built-in tutorial is cleverly put together, and explains how to become a successful great white destroyer! The initial levels are easy to complete, but TGWD quickly becomes an eating frenzy as you’re surrounded by divers trying to kill you, people on boats trying to shoot you, and electric eel trying to sting you! This game is fun, it’s colorful, and it’s extremely addicting, and once you become good enough, and eat fast enough, you reach “Frenzy mode” where anything and everything can be chomped to pieces in an explosion of chaos!


Considering Brent Anderson has used Game Maker to develop this game, and considering he put the game together almost singlehandedly is impressive; the graphics and audio go well together, the game-play and level of complexity is “spot on”, and TGWD is overall a polished game well worth a closer look. TGWD has multiple options allowing the user to customize various items such as audio and music for example, and the massive amounts of blood can be disabled although the blood is part of what makes this game unique!

Journalists interested in a review copy of TGWD should contact Indie Developer Consulting by sending an email to requesting a download link. Additional information about Backyard Ninja Design and TGWD is available by visiting:


Features System Requirements *  Intuitive controls, simple to master

*  4 difficulty levels

*  2 unique game modes, each with their own hilarious story and challenges

*  32 stages of destruction!

*  74 enemies to chomp the guts out of!

*  Scoring: The more you score, the harder the enemies, the more you score!

*  Crave system rewards the player with power-ups and bonus points for fulfilling mid-level tasks

*  Fill the Blood Frenzy meter and go berserk on everything that moves!

*  Online scores

*  Original art, sound, and music

*  OS - Windows 98 SE, 2000, ME, XP (32-bit) , Vista (32-bit), 7 (32-bit)

*  Controls - Mouse, Keyboard, Gamepad optional

*  CPU - 2.10 GHz

*  Memory - 1.5 GB RAM

*  Drives - 209 MB hard drive space

*  Video - DirectX 8.0 or higher graphics card with 256MB video memory

*  Sound - DirectX 8.0 or higher compatible sound card

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