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The Glowing Void

All aglow following release of "lite" version.

The incredibly simple-to-play yet highly addicting “The Glowing Void” for Apple iPhone™ and Apple iPod touch® goes LITE. This (free) version of the game features all the cool stuff from the full version of the title including the recently announced Avoidance mode: The only limitation of the LITE version is 3 plays per day.

The Glowing Void has previously, and continues to receive, glowing reviews by media as well as consumers, and has also been featured in the US App Store recently. The objective of the game is to fill up at least 70% of the screen with as large circles as possible while avoiding a number of red dots of an unknown entity: the game is made harder because the red dots are dynamic and bounces around all over the display.

The Glowing Void LITE On The App Store:


Journalists interested in receiving a promo code for the full version of The Glowing Void are encouraged to contact press@indiedeveloperconsulting.com. Additional information about the games from Assyria Game Studio is available by visiting their website:


Based in the North East of England, Assyria Game Studio has specialized in innovative games for the Apple iPhone™ and Apple iPod touch®. The studio is made up of young talent, and was founded by students in their third year of university.

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