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The girls of SRS – gotta get ‘em all!

Watch some of the SRS girls' secret videos now at:

In SRS: Street Racing Syndicate, launching May 6th for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, you'll be racing for cash, respect, your car and then, there's the kind of race that will earn you the negotiable affection of the SRS girls!

You can get a sneaky peek-show of the SRS girls - all of them the hottest models on the US import scene - right now from (streaming and available in Downloads) and see the kind of video reward they could be lining up for you in the game.

But they'll go a hell of a lot further for that special guy!

It's not diamonds that are these girls' best friends, oh no. It's more like a gleaming Skyline, RX-7, or a 350-Z. Most of all they'll do practically anything for the man who knows how to handle both his car and his honey.

The SRS girls love a challenge. However, these hot honeys won't just hook up with any guy: you've got to prove you're the guy to be with them! As you win races and make a name for yourself, you'll start to receive special interest from the ladies in the game's Respect Challenges.

She'll throw down the gauntlet and issue a specific street racing challenge. Complete it successfully and you'll win the girl and she'll reward you with a very personal video to watch when you're back at your private warehouse (best close the door and curtains, eh?)

There are 18 lovelies to impress throughout the game and each with a collection of video rewards; you'll see them dance for you in club wear or put on a performance in their bikinis... the better you do, the better the show is!

SRS: Street Racing Syndicate launches May 6th for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, rrp £29.99. Get a taste of what the drive-by dollies have in store for you in a selection of girl movies and the latest game movie at

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Race for cash and respect, or lay it all on the line in online pink slip races. Every night crews of import tuners push their nitrous-injected obsessions to the limit. Whether in underground or sanctioned races, on the track or through the wide open city streets, the threat of cops and crashes are real. And so is the rush. Join the Street Racing Syndicate. Upgrade officially licensed vehicles with hundreds of actual aftermarket parts, stickers, paints and vinyls. Then throw it on the Dyno to measure your mods before you put it on the track to test your skills. Because in the end, glory's nice. Money and models are better. But driving away with your opponent's ride is just the best!

*The SRS girls and other glory - Win money, cars and the affections of the import racing scene's hottest models.

  • Win pink slips online - When you're done going head-to-head just for fun, put your ride on the line and try to win your rival's car...or risk losing yours!
  • Realistic Damage - Damage your rides and you'll have to pay out for repairs.
  • Tune it up and turn it loose - Upgrade officially licensed cars with hundreds of actual aftermarket parts, stickers, paints and vinyls.
  • Test and tweak customizations - Throw it on the Dyno and watch the engine scream real Peak Torque and Horsepower at you!
  • Obey the rules or deal with the police - Watch your driving behaviour...break the rules and you'll have the police on your tail or points on your driving record.
  • Combines open city and closed tracks - Take your tuned-up rides straight to the races or just cruise around the open city to see what you encounter.
  • Underground and sanctioned races - Street and track. Day and night. Through LA, Philly and Miami landscapes.

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