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The Games Factory 2

New SWF File Exporter makes our creations Flash-compatible.

For Immediate Release

Clickteam the creators behind multimedia authoring tools Multimedia Fusion 2 and The Games Factory 2, have released their new SWF File Exporter that will allow you to create applications compatible with the Adobe® Flash® Player! Now creating interactive games, presentations, banners and other Adobe® Flash® content can be done with ease using Clickteam's amazing creation tools. The new SWF file exporter works with all three versions of Clickteam's creation tools and can be purchased at Clickteam's online webstore for only $69, 59€, or £49. A Internet connection is required to download and register the product. To build SWF files with the exporter you must have a copy of the exporter and either The Games Factory 2, Multimedia Fusion 2 or Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer. Also Java is required to build SWF files.

About Clickteam

Clickteam is the development group behind award winning software titles such as Klik and Play, The Games Factory and Multimedia Fusion.

Clickteam's current line Multimedia Fusion 2 and The Games Factory 2 allow anyone to create 2d software for their Computers, Cell phones and websites with ease and without having to learn programming. The two main partners of Clickteam are François Lionet and Yves Lamoureux.

Both can be called "pioneers" of personal computing and have been releasing commercial software since 1983. Since then, Yves and François never stopped working together on the "click" range.

Clickteam has been a reality for more than 9 years now. The heart of Clickteam is made of developers, so expect a different approach from us than you'd get from the usual marketing driven companies. We have more passion and pay more attention to detail to the quality of our products and our code.


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