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The Gamerator

At last! Someone's combined an arcade machine with a beer chiller.

ROANOKE, VA – February 17, 2011 – Custom Bar Guys, Inc. is proud to announce that The Gamerator, a hand built machine of epic proportions, is now available for purchase via their website, These finely tuned customizable arcade cabinets are perfect for those who enjoy some of the finer things in life, namely, videogames and alcohol.

Each Gamerator comes with a built in tap and refrigerated interior for housing a standard keg of the player’s favorite brew. Two conveniently-placed cup holders house the player’s beverage while they play on the 26 inch flat-panel HDTV. All Gamerator units come standard with dual joystick setups and a trackball system. Virtually any videogame system, past or present, can be hooked up to the Gamerator via optional special adaptors.

“Gamerator is the best of both worlds, bringing two of life’s greatest joys together in an awesome way,” said Jaime Mather, co-founder of the Custom Bar Guys. “We strived to create a high-end product that uses top quality materials and equipment. We achieve that by custom building each unit by hand and in doing so, we believe the Gamerator is the greatest fusion of beer and gaming ever!”

The Gamerator has over 85 licensed classic arcade titles pre-programmed on the machine which include Castlevania, Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition, Gauntlet and many more! With a Windows-based PC inside each unit, Gamerator owners are free to add other games, programs and online access for whatever their needs may be. The Gamerator’s base colors come in black and brushed metal. Customizability is imperative though as all Gamerator units can be customized with any two-color scheme for an additional charge.

The Gamerator can be ordered now for a base price of $3,499. For more information or to order your own custom machine, visit


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