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The Game Trail

Topping the free app lists in Brazil and South Africa.

Swedish developed application: The Game Trail, helping users to find the best games for the iPhone, is now topping the lists in Brazil and South Africa. In these countries, The Game Trail is more popular than other free applications such as Facebook and Skype.

The application shows video clips of the best games and has an independent ranking system that filters among the huge supply of available games on App Store.

Tommy Palm, one of the founders behind The Game Trail comments the news: “We were very pleased to realize how popular The Game Trail has become in Brazil. Despite the relatively small market for iPhone in the country, we now have more than 1500 new users every day from Brazil alone. Apple has previously features our App on their news page in the US and in Germany. “

The Game Trail is free to download and the developers earn money when customers go through their program to complete a purchase. “It is a solution that benefits everyone involved. We get 5 % of the game’s value and it is debited from Apple’s share of the revenues. We are very pleased with our offer to the customer who gets a free product that is updated with new games every day. Despite having launched quite recently, we already have a massive user base and serve more than 100 000 videos per week. “

The application can be downloaded for free at http://itunes.apple.com/app/the-game-trail/id354733863?mt=8

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