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The Far Wilds

$1,000 tournament unveiled.

New York, NY - November 12, 2008

Code Collective, developers of The Far Wilds, today announced details for their upcoming Grand Clash tournament scheduled to begin in late December. The winner of the competition will walk away with $1,000 and runners up will receive varying amounts of in-game gold.

The Grand Clash is held twice a year to determine the current Far Wilds World Champion. Players must demonstrate strategy and ingenuity wielding their own handcrafted armies.

There will be several preliminary tournaments from now until the start of the Grand Clash. This will give players a chance to refine their strategies against other top players and experiment with various army designs.

There will be eight open invitation qualifying tournaments in December. These will have gold prizes and a seat at the Grand Clash final round for the winners. The week before the Grand Clash final round there will be another eight qualifying tournaments to fill out the other eight seats in the final round.

The Grand Clash final round will take place on Saturday January 3rd. It will be a 16 person double elimination tournament.


-1st Place – $1,000 cash

-2nd Place – 6000 gold

-3rd Place – 3000 gold

-4th Place – 1500 gold

To participate, players need to download and install the Far Wilds beta or use the Flash version of the game on the site.

Download The Far Wilds beta:

A tutorial video on how to play is available here:

About Far Wilds

The Far Wilds, an online strategy game in a fantasy setting that combines elements of collectible card games, real-time strategy and massively multiplayer online games. The Far Wilds emphasizes strategy and clever plays rather than fast clicking. The battlefield is randomly generated so each game is very different. Players must constantly be adapting to the changing game conditions. In addition to this higher level of strategy the configurable armies gives The Far Wilds unique, interesting and addictive gameplay.

Ages have gone by since the ancient evil was sealed behind the rift. The civilized world has since been isolated behind a great wall of defense. Now a few brave souls have ventured out into the wilds to build their kingdoms and carve out new realms in the wilderness beyond the wall.

You are one of these brave souls, a warlord in the outskirts of the known world struggling to establish a kingdom in the wild lands. You must use strategy and wits to establish yourself and not be pushed back further into the wilderness. Failure results in your death and the death of your army, and success cannot be measured in mortal terms.

About Code Collective

Code Collective was founded in 2007 by Jed McCaleb and Chris Nojima with the purpose of creating innovative, entertaining and original online applications and games. The studio’s first project, The Far Wilds, transports players into a rugged fantastical setting where they must use strategy and tactical prowess to conquer friends and players from across the globe. The game is currently in beta. More information about the studio can be found at

Chris Schmidt, TriplePoint PR


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