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The Epic Win

The Escapist songstress to release her own gaming-inspired album.

May 18, 2010 -- Rebecca Mayes, the heart-warming and witty quirk-girl pioneer of gaming-inspired folk music, on May 28 is releasing her first album The Epic Win, an exploration of the artistic merit of videogames.

With tracks originally appearing on Rebecca Mayes Muses, a biweekly video series on the popular independent gaming website The Escapist©, The Epic Win is a sparkly, acoustic, contemporary fusion of post-pop folk conceived and recorded by Rebecca. Her signature instruments include banjo, accordion, glockenspiel and zither, with keyboards, guitars and beats layered in support to create a rich, charming sound all her own.

“The Epic Win is a gaming term for euphoric moments of conquest. It’s about getting to the summit of achievement you've been striving for—then losing yourself in the delirium,” says Rebecca. “This is ideally where I am throughout the creative process, finding a continual place of wonder from which to be inspired.”

In her songs, Rebecca explores an entirely new dimension of videogames. Through her lyrics she asks gamers not to shoot zombies in Resident Evil 5 (“they just need to be loved”); she rails at the commercialization of women and violence in Velvet Assassin; and she highlights the homogenization of beauty in The Mirror.

“My musings on videogames explore the complicated preoccupation with distorted power—the power to kill, control and win,” says Rebecca. “I want my music to juxtapose that reality through exploring the melting pot of film, music and technology that is the gaming industry.”

Rebecca has created a niche that she fills with true creativity and originality. This musical infusion began when she was asked by a friend to write a song for his website, which spread like Internet wildfire across the gaming world. Just a few more songs fueled a media storm, and fans demanded more. Shortly thereafter The Escapist engaged her to record a song and video every fortnight.

Her beautiful, soulful songs continue every other week at The Escapist. She has been featured in Charlie Brooker’s BBC program “Gameswipe” and her music will also appear on this summer’s Glastonbury Festival and The Great Escape compilation albums.

To access her preview album, please contact Kelly Helder at Themis Media.

There's no telling what Rebecca might do next.


About Rebecca Mayes

Rebecca is a visionary songstress who applies nu-folk to video games. She appears bi-weekly on The Escapist Presents’s Rebecca Mayes Muses. She plays all of her own instruments, records and produces the songs, shoots and edits her videos. The Epic Win is her debut album.

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