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The Day the Music Stopped

Interactive eBook version of children's DVD on the way.

San Francisco, CA—February 8, 2011— The Juno Company, a children’s  new media company specializing in the creation of innovative and musical education products, today revealed plans to release a uniquely interactive eBook based on the wildly popular children’s DVD The Day the Music Stopped. The eBook, set for release in the App® Store March 2011, is part of The Juno Company’s recently announced series of music learning games, eBooks and rich Apps that are set to debut throughout the year.  

“Our goal is to bring a genuine love of music to children in entertaining ways and now we’re stepping beyond the realm of movies and television to deliver this core experience to the next generation of iPhone and iPad users,” said Barrett Cohn, CEO of The Juno Company.  “This version of The Day the Music Stopped not only tells the beloved Juno Jr. story, but also engages our young fans through brand new forms of interaction allowing them to drive the story and experience.”

The Day the Music Stopped interactive eBook, which will be available for Apple® iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch® for $2.99, will take users on a journey through Harmonia Springs where everything is made of music!  The adorable and fun loving characters of Harmonia Springs, Juno, Rai Rai, Bunny, Buzz, Indie and Murphy all eagerly watch and listen as Murphy shows off his new invention the “Shush Machine.” But when Bunny presses the red button on the machine ALL music in Harmonia Springs comes to a stop. OH NO! The user, Juno and her friends must try and figure out how to bring the music back to Harmonia Springs as they travel through the town, Instrument neighborhood and more.  Players will be immersed into the hours of fun this book brings including, user created, melodies, harmonies, rhythms and mini games in the 3D world of Harmonia Springs.

As previously announced, PadWorx Digital Media, an award-winning developer of a new category of interactive eBooks for tablet PCs that became the first to publish eBooks built from the ground up on a game engine, is developing The Day the Music Stopped in addition to other music education gaming Apps and eBooks from The Juno Company.   

The Juno Company, founded by mom and composer, Belinda Takahashi, Ph.D., is dedicated to inspiring a lifelong love and appreciation for music in children. The company is best known for its Emmy Award-winning Juno Baby line and its newly release Juno Jr. line of products, which include DVDs, CDs, books, digital Apps, toys and apparel.  The Juno Company team is a blend of senior technologists, top children’s creatives, and leading children’s educators.   The Juno Company proudly founded The One For All Program, which helps the company achieve its mission to bring beautiful, orchestral music education to children everywhere.   For every Juno product sold, The Juno Company donates a music education DVD to a child in need.  Buy One, Give One.

The Day the Music Stops will follow the recent release of Juno’s Piano, a gaming App for iPhone and iPad that offers children a unique way to learn the fundamentals of playing the piano.  For more information on The Juno Company and its products, please visit

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About The Juno Company

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, The Juno Company is an emerging children’s digital media company. Founded by classical composer and mom, Belinda Takahashi, Ph.D., The Juno Company and its accompanying brands, leverage the world’s best puppet makers along with incredible orchestral musicians to create a fun, witty and beautiful musical experience for children 12-months-old through preschool-age. The Juno Company has collaborated with top researchers, artists and musicians to create an award-winning line of products. All CDs, books and DVDs feature a cast of lovable puppets created by the talented hands behind some of your favorite Muppet and Sesame Street characters*, which interact with children, along with original music composed for and performed by live orchestral musicians. The Juno Company has initiated The One for All Program, which donates a very special music education DVD to a child in need for every Juno product sold. Buy One. Give One. Contact The Juno Company at 116 New Montgomery Street, Suite 200 San Francisco, CA 94105; Phone (415) 820-5100 or (877) JUNO-BABY; Fax (415) 879-9937; and website at

*The Muppet and Sesame Street trademarks and associated characters are the trademarks and intellectual property of their respective owners.  Juno Baby, Inc. is not sponsored by, affiliated or associated with these companies.

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