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The Dark Pirate Has Risen

10TACLE STUDIOS AG Shows New Impressions of Their Pirate Action Adventure „Black Buccaneer"

Darmstadt, May 10th 2006 - The sinister pirate adventure "Black Buccaneer" from 10TACLE STUDIOS and developer Widescreen Games provides a look at the dark side of the force. The Pirate's Curse has its way with Francis Blade, the hero of this story about a legendary pirate treasure. Black voodoo magic calls the Black Buccaneer to life in him, a cursed pirate with mighty powers. Together with his dark companion he drives fear into the hearts of his enemies and discovers undreamt-of magical powers during his search for the root of the mysterious island's secret.

Dark Voodoo Magic and Powerful Creatures

For the first time ever the Black Buccaneer, a demon of age-old powers, can be seen in action on the offical homepage Francis will need all of his cursed companion's strength and powers to survive the traps and deadly opponents that line his journey through the stygian depths of the jungle, hidden pirate nests and caves fraught with danger.

"Black Buccaneer" is due to hoist sail on the PS2, XBOX and PC in summer of 2006.

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10TACLE STUDIOS is one of the leading independent internationally operating development and production companies for high-end computer and video games. Founded in August 2003, the company has pushed to become even more international and presently owns six development studios in Europe and Asia. 180 employees work for the company at its locations in Darmstadt, Hanover, London, Charleroi, Bratislava and Singapore. 10TACLE STUDIOS, with its product portfolio, covers all relevant segments of growth of the games market and meets the high development standards of the market leaders in publishing.

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