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The Continuum

"Order and Chaos" expansion pack launched at GenCon.

GenCon, Indianapolis, Indiana (August 14, 2008) Today at GenCon, Seven Lights is releasing Order and Chaos, the first expansion pack for The Continuum, the premier online collectible war game. The Continuum ( was launched by Seven Lights in late June and in its first month the game accrued more than 20,000 active players with more than 500,000 characters in their collections. The Order and Chaos expansion pack increases the game’s ever-expanding universe of dynamic digital characters from distinct game realities that do battle with each other in head-to-head online match-ups. GenCon attendees will be able to experience these new Order and Chaos characters at The Continuum’s booth #229.

The Continuum is an original flash-based game that blends the best elements of strategy gaming, collectible gaming, RPGs and digital goods into a distinctive game universe, where players’ actions affect a gripping narrative. The Order and Chaos pack will give players a variety of new gameplay assets, including 10 new characters, 20 new abilities and other goodies that can be used in game. The pack introduces new characters such as the Legion Keracen, a trampling, goring beast used to break enemy lines; the Earth Elemental, a one-woman Manifested army; and the Lightbringer, wielder of light and wands with the ability to attack two different targets with one Basic Attack. The pack is available for purchase using “Element” or “E” (The Continuum’s in-game currency).

Seven Lights is also introducing a new single-player experience, where its players can embark on quests, training scenarios and missions against a competitive AI. As with the multiplayer game, the single-player experience will continue to expand with new scenarios and gameplay assets.

In addition to the pack and single-player game, Seven Lights is also launching a new innovative referral system that takes the typical “rewards for referrals” and expands it into a full-blown family tree. When players send referral e-mails to friends from the system, those friends become pending Descendants. When those players make their first purchase, they are entered into the referring player’s Descendant tree. Those 1st generation Descendants provide the player with a bounty of Element (in-game currency, used for purchasing new characters) to use as they choose. If 1st generation Descendants then refer other players to the game, those players’ first purchase makes them the original player’s 2nd generation Descendants and provide a smaller bounty of Element. This continues on to the 3rd generation and provides a way for players to continue to benefit from the referrals they make for an unlimited amount of time. All of this is charted on each players’ Profile, and can be followed in real-time as their tree grows.

The Continuum is free to start and download, and players are given a number of starter characters to begin battle. Armies are then developed through battles, equipment discovery, and upgrades. Players’ characters and abilities are built through victory, trade, and purchase. Each character has its own unique attributes and abilities, and range in rarity from common to rare to legendary to one-of-a-kind. The characters are constantly developing through RPG game elements, as the game allows players to use experience points for alterations, such as increasing and adding new characteristics and abilities. All customized in-game characters, not just the heroes, develop in a number of different ways to continually change the combat landscape and keep the game exciting and fresh every time it’s played.

The game can be played for ten minutes or for hours, and features a level playing field, where players can have an even match regardless of how much they have invested in their characters either financially and/or with their time. The game is playable on all the major browsers and is not platform dependent. The browser-based format allows Seven Lights to constantly add new content (characters, events, abilities, etc…) on a near real-time basis.

About Seven Lights

Seven Lights, LLC (7L) produces customizable online entertainment that combines the best-of-breed game elements from RPGs, strategy games, collectibles, and other genres with gameplay styles and business models tailored to the individual player. Founded in 2003, the company is based in Chicago, IL, and is on the web at


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