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The Club

Title: The Club

Developer: Bizarre Creations

Format: XB360, PS3, PC

Genre: Arcade Action Shooter

Release date: TBC

The Club mixes the best elements from action shooters with arcade accessibility, the pace of racing games and a story structure based on fighting games. Players will choose from a selection of characters to fight in a shadowy underground blood-sport controlled by faceless, obscenely wealthy and influential elite - The Club. Each character has their own reason for risking their life to "beat" The Club. Some are driven by greed, some are driven by a higher purpose, and some are driven by pure insane bloodlust.



A tough, no nonsense, NYPD Detective of more than 30 years standing and one of the most decorated cops on the force. Renwick first picked up rumours of The Club - some kind of freak-circuit, under ground snuff show entertainment - from his contacts in the New York underworld. Intrigued and sickened by what he was hearing, he tried to investigate further, but found all his official lines of inquiry blocked by NYPD bureaucratic intransigence. The harder he pushed the more resistance he encountered. The Club must have powerful allies within the Mayor's office or the NYPD, because not only was Renwick taken off the case, but, when he tried to go to the press with his suspicions, convincing but trumped-up allegations of bribe-taking were suddenly brought against him.

Forced to resign to avoid a scandal and possible criminal charges, Renwick continued his investigation unofficially, using his own time and money to try and break the veil of secrecy surrounding The Club. He must have got closer than he knew, or finally irritated The Club enough to make them do something about him, because what he thought was a new lead turned out to be an ambush, with The Club enforces waiting for him. The Club's money men were obviously unimpressed with Renwick's persistence.

As its new star attraction, Renwick's own survival instincts will carry him through the tournament, with him hating himself every time he has to pull the trigger, but there's a greater motivation driving him on. If he gets to the end, then he might get a shot at bringing some justice to the sick freaks behind The Club.

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