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The Classic Gaming Expo UK is quickly amassing many retro enthusiasts, traders and special guests for this year's event.


London, UK - Apr 27 2005 - Chief organiser Chris Millard is pleased to announce the current line-up for the CGEUK 2005 - and it's looking good!

It's been a hard slog to get this years event back on track, but thanks to the hard work of Chris Millard, and the support of the special guests, traders and our kind sponsors at Retro Gamer magazine and www.Retro-Trader.com, we're happy to report that it's going to be bigger and better than last years successful show.

The event will be held at Fairfield Halls on Saturday 13th August 2005, with stalls filling up quickly, and looks already to be selling out. We're pleased to announce that the following special guests will be present to answer questions and mingle with other attendees -

Matthew Smith: One of the most enigmatic people from gaming's illustrious past, a truly larger than life character and a very friendly and approachable bloke. If you didn't know, Smith is responsible for the revered classics Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy I & II - back in the day these were some of the most technically impressive and popular games for the humble ZX Spectrum.

Archer MacLean: His long career in gaming is certainly one to be reckoned with. Rightly credited with some of the finest software on the Commodore 64, including Drop Zone, International Karate and IK+, and went on to create Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker for the Amiga and other 16-bit platforms. More recently, MacLean has been working on Sony's PSP and is credited with the radical game Mercury for the hand-held beast. He'll be bringing part of his private collection of arcade machines along with him too!

Andy Nuttall: As famed for his writing on the magazines Amiga Format and The One as his work at Bullfrog. During his time at Bullfrog, Nuttall worked on many games that will be instantly recognisable to many retro gamers, including the classics Populous 3, Theme Park and Theme Hospital.

Simon Butler & Mark Jones: Ocean released some of the finest big-budget games for many 8 and 16-bit machines during the 80s and 90s, and both Butler and Jones worked on some of its most well-known titles. Butler's worked on the games Hunchback, The Never Ending Story and the joystick-destroying Combat School whilst Jones is credited with work on the ZX Spectrum versions of Wizball, Gryzor and Vindicator.

The Shaw Brothers: These guys were certainly nothing but prolific developers for the ZX Spectrum. Between 1985 and 1992, it produced no less than 40 different games released through many software publishers at the time, and some of which also ended up on magazine cover tapes such as Sinclair User and Your Sinclair.

Jonathan Cauldwell: Cauldwell is responsible for many solid games for the ZX Spectrum during the early 90s and has recently produced some technical marvels in more recent times for the platform, including the superlative platform/puzzler Higgledy Piggledy and game creation kit Platform Game Designer, recently released through the specialist publisher Cronosoft.

Gary Whelan: Whelan is the current world record holder for the highest score of Galaxian. He is attempting to beat his own world record during the day.

And in no particular order, the confirmed stall holders and attendees are -

OneSwitch.org.uk, UK Retro, Retro Passion, Binary Zone, Retro-Soft & Retro Trader, Cronosoft, Pinballer's Anonymous, Console Passion, Retro Gamer magazine, Digital Arcade, C64Audio, Binary Dinosaurs, Retro Gear, Retro Video Games, gamesTM and Superior Interactive (Formerly Superior Software).

More stall-holders and special guests will be announced soon, but for the latest information, visit our web-site at www.cgeuk.com.

About the CGEUK

The Classic Gaming Expo UK (CGEUK) started in 2004 to bring together enthusiasts, traders, developers and special guests from gaming's past and the retro and classic computing scene. Backed by the UK's No. 1 dedicated magazine to classic games and gaming Retro Gamer, and the internet retailer www.Retro-Trader.com, this annual gathering goes from strength to strength and has become a high point for everyone involved.


Chris Millard - info@cgeuk.com


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