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The Chronicles of Spellborn

Launched in France and Benelux today.

The Hague, 2008/12/05: The Chronicles of Spellborn® is released today in France and Benelux!

Spellborn fans can grab a box at their local store and start playing on the newly opened French universes, one PvP (Sarakiril) and one PvE (Drayom), immediately. Benelux players can join the already existing multinational servers.

In addition, developer Spellborn NV officially launches today the Free2Play Client Download of the The Chronicles of Spellborn®.

Players can go to the official Spellborn Player Site ( to create a Free2Play game-account and also download the FULL Client of The Chronicles of Spellborn® for FREE on this page:

By registering for a Free2Play account, players can enjoy and experience the two first zones of the game, Hawksmouth and Aldenvault, as well as level up and quest until they reach the gameplay limit integrated at the end of Fame Level 7.

A created Free2Play Player Character remains still playable once the limit is reached, yet, there are restrictions, as explained in-game and on the Player Site.

By subscribing, the limitations inherent to a Free2Play account are dropped immediately and players become Full Members with complete access to all game content and dedicated Player Forums at the Player Site.

To conclude, Spellborn NV also updated the live servers with a new patch containing several fixes, solving localization bugs and improving the game experience for players. Next week, a new patch is planned which will provide a new levelling curve for The Chronicles of Spellborn® enhancing level progression.

What Lies Hidden, Must Be Found

In The Chronicles of Spellborn® players enter an impressive online game world containing scenic landscapes, majestic cities and the remnants of a shattered world. Alone or with a party of friends, PC adventurers step into a fantasy realm consisting of varied shards: habitable pieces of the destroyed world floating in the magical Deadspell Storm. Those who want to prevail in the actively involving combat of The Chronicles of Spellborn® need to apply their mighty arsenal of skills with actual manual aiming skills. Battles with bloodthirsty creatures, intelligent hostile factions and other human opponents in Player vs. Player battles are waiting. An innovative and tactically challenging combat system with third-person shooter-like controls and a unique rotating Skill Deck provides a breath of fresh air amidst the more traditional MMORPGs. Thanks to a largely extended Unreal Engine 2.5, The Chronicles of Spellborn® boasts stunning 3D graphics, spectacular effects and countless elaborate details. More information, images, videos and a beta registration-form can be found on the official website:

About Spellborn NV

Since the founding of the company in 2004, Spellborn NV has focused on the single goal of developing an innovative Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG): The Chronicles of Spellborn®. Privately owned and operated, Spellborn NV's is an independant studio based in The Hague, The Netherlands. The multinational development team is made up of experienced professionals from the game development industry as well as specialists in the many other disciplines required to release a game of this scope. The team is bound by a collective desire to break conventions on the way to developing a revolutionary title.


Spellborn NV

Pierre-Yves Deslandes

PR Manager

Gevers Deynootweg 93

NL-2586 BK Den Haag

The Netherlands

Phone +31 (70) 3389104

Fax +31 (70) 3389106


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