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The Call Of Cthulhu: Darkness Within Book 1

Mobile adventure set in 1920s Egypt.


MAYHEM STUDIO the Spanish-based cell phone games developer company is proud to announce its late release: THE CALL OF CTHULHU: Darkness within Book 1. One of the most important games of our catalogue

The announcement has given the turn around the world: A recent earthquake has discovered the rests of one antique city buried under the hot sand of the Egyptian deserts, nearest to The Cairo. Extraordinary of the phenomena, so the surprising discovery, have immediately attracted the interest of the The Cairo Museum that has charged with the site exploitation.

Its own director, Professor Cornelius Osgood, dean of Miskatonic University and your currently thesis advisor, will lead the archaeologists and palaeontologists investigation team that has been assigned and he has decided to give you the opportunity to carry to the practice your studies in Old Religions requiring your presence in the hot Egyptian dessert. Something you never thought it would happen.

You are going to enter the dark world of the Myths of Cthulhu, created by the writer H.P. Lovecraft. With this game, the first part of Darkness Within, you will enjoy a new concept cell phone game: The Graphic Adventure.

You will have to choose the right options in each situation and one error can lead to death or madness.


- A classic graphic adventure where player would fight

against mysteries and unexplained murders.

- Discover clues, know the weirdest characters and feel all

the excitement of this adventure that will carry you out of

your mind.

- A easy game system allowing to select dialogues, to

interacting with scenery and to follow the history in all


- A script full of mystery and some humorous moments and

a well designed graphic style recreating all the flavour of

Egypt in the 20's

To get more information and distribution inquiries, please write to:

Daniel Sánchez Mateos

tlf./fax: 034913119389

Bravo Murillo, 187

28020 Madrid


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