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The Bojo Game – Home Edition©™ released for sale October 18, 2007

The Bojo Group brings the on-line casino virtually and safely into the home

Montréal, QC - Canada: Friday, Oct. 19, 2007 - The Bojo Group, Montréal's newest independent casual games producer, yesterday released for sale as a down-loadable game at CAD $19.95 its new casual computer game and on-line casino simulation program, The Bojo Game - Home Edition® from its website at www.bojogame.com.

The group's launch product is a home edition game, which the group claims is unlike any other in the casual computer card games and on-line casino game simulations field that creates a virtual on-line playable casino game with thousands of virtual players at once.

The game can be played by one player only on one computer only, and offers an almost-real multi-player on-line Internet casino-like game setting in progress - with between 200 and 99,999 other virtual players. Six player-controlled settings make the game a simulation program.

''We bring the on-line Bo-Jo game into the home, safely, and without any risk,'' stated Ted Beaudoin, Bojo group representative, and original owner of the game through his unregistered partnership, Black Knight Productions.

'The whole Bojo home edition game is truly greater than the sum of its little bits it is a little like baccarat it is a little like roulette ... it features a 5-card draw poker hand ... and it is a lot like being at a racetrack moments before the starting gate clangs open," he added.

No money is involved, and no real gambling takes place in the home edition of this on-line Internet casino simulation game. Players try to build points when they make their bets that a certain card will turn up to be the winning card. These points show up on the gameboard information panels as Bojo Bucks.

"There are no other card games that we know of that, while being played, simulate a massive on-line Internet casino game in progress - with thousands of other virtual players along with the elements of three popular casino games and in so doing, offer 20 simulated betting opportunities in 5 rounds of play per game, all from one standard deck of 54 cards.'' he added.

Players bet which card from each stack will turn up as the winning card. Players can also pass on betting at any time and choose to watch the game play on without them, just like they could do by watching a real multi-player on-line Internet casino game in progress. In addition, players can save up to 10 of their favourite games and see how well they are doing in amassing their Bojo Bucks - or points.

Gamers can try the game from the Try-Buy page of the website with a down-loadable free 15-minute trial and demo before deciding to buy. From almost anywhere in the world, they can also buy the game from the same page with their credit cards or with their bank (debit) cards through the PayPal payment system.

''As our mission statement says, We believe in simplicity. Fair play. And serious fun. And that's all that the Bojo home edition game is all about - some serious fun, lots of it.''

For more information, contact Ted Beaudoin in Laval, Canada at 450 - 978-5250 or through info@bojogame.com or jwdunn@sympatico.ca.

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