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The Birds Take Flight On Your Mobile Phone

Ojom launches spooky new mobile phone game

(London & Berlin, 8th February 2007) Ojom GmbH, a leading creator and global publisher of mobile games, today announced the launch of a new spine chilling game full of action and suspense called The Birds - Evil has Wings.

Based on the classic Hollywood thriller, The Birds - Evil has Wings transports you to a spooky town where a flock of vicious black crows have encircled the helpless townsfolk. Your mission is to rescue the town's citizens from the shredding claws and razor sharp beaks of the sinister birds. Players need to be cautious though as these birds don't take prisoners and if you make one false move they'll tear you to pieces.

To distract the birds' attention you can create diversions by setting bins alight or opening the valves of fire hydrants, other tactics involve freezing on the spot as they swarm by. Protection from the evil clutches of the birds can be found in the safety of a parked car or by hiding in a giant garbage container, you have the whole town at your disposal so use it wisely to defeat the sweeping menace.

The game's blend of live action and strategy will appeal to a cross section of gamers. You will need to be on your toes if you are to succeed because it is stealth and cunning that is the key to this game and the only way to outwit the threat circling above.

Bertram Pecher, Manager Sales & Operations of Ojom GmbH, said: "We are delighted with this game and believe that the plot and the strategic element will appeal not just to gamers, but mobile users everywhere that have a taste for thrillers and suspense."

The Birds - Evil has Wings is a game that draws on all the suspense, tension and excitement of the classic movie. The game will be available from February 2007 on all main Java-enabled handsets and from major mobile operators in a range of European languages. For more information, visit the Ojom website at

About Ojom

Ojom GmbH, a joint venture between Fox Mobile Entertainment and Verisign, is a leading publisher of mobile entertainment. Ojom offers an exceptionally diverse portfolio of premium, innovative, branded content to mobile operators, virtual retailers, and handset manufacturers worldwide. As the premier mobile entertainment publisher within VeriSign's Digital Content Services Unit, Ojom's publishing and development services enable service providers to generate revenue while providing an entertaining consumer experience. Ojom has published titles in more than 50 countries, through major mobile operators and leading consumer content portals, as well as directly to top handset


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Sonus PR for Ojom:

Matthew Humphries

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