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The Bible Online

Set to go forth and multiply in Europe on September 28th.

Siegburg, Germany – September 28, 2010

Online game publisher FiAA GmbH announces the official release of <The Bible Online> on September 28th, 2010. <The Bible Online> is the first browser game based on the world view and scenarios from the Bible.

During its beta <The Bible Online> quickly gained popularity, and already a large and active community has developed. Users appreciate the depth of the game as well as the thematic background and the publisher’s efforts to seek direct contact with the community and to listen and respond to their suggestions and requests.

The official version of <The Bible Online> starts on September 28th and is available in English and German. Translations into other languages are planned. Basically free of charge, the game will be serviced in Europe and Israel only, an expansion to other regions is being considered.


<The Bible Online: Chapter 1 – The Heroes> is a browser game with mixed elements of RTS and MMORPG. As the leader of their tribe, players have to construct their villages, manage resources and the budget. It is their task to protect their tribe and conquer new lands. They can choose between fighting all alone and forming alliances with other players. Playing the role of Abraham his descendants, users also lead their tribe and raise heroes through hunting and gathering experiences.

The Quest Ur is designed for the players learn the basics of the game. In the next quest, Haran, players will have to develop their strategic abilities by engaging in military or diplomatic activities. The final Quest Canaan will allow the users to experience actual stories of the Bible by fulfilling exciting quests. In this way, they will have to opportunity to gain biblical knowledge in a playful manner and deal with the Holy Scripture.

Key features of <The Bible Online: Ch.1 Heroes >

- Browser Game (MMORTS/ MMORPG)

- RTS: build villages and develop, conquer and defend tribes

- RPG: raise character

- Quests according to the stories of the Genesis

- Chat system

- Birth Right system: Abraham to Isaac to Jacob

- Compatible to current browsers

Images and further information can be downloaded using the following link:

About FIAA GmbH

FiAA GbmH is an online game publisher with its headquarters in Germany. FiAA is focusing on licensing and publishing online games worldwide and especially in Europe. The holding company AlanBridge Co. Ltd. is located in South Korea and develops and licenses online games. Website:



Peter Rehrmann

Zeithstr. 73

D-53721 Siegburg, Germany.

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