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The best Speccy platform game ever, according to Micro Mart!


Boston, Lincs., UK - May 29th 2006 - Cronosoft's latest ZX Spectrum game has been heralded as the best of its type.

ZX Spectrum have yet more 2D action available thanks to premier budget software label Cronosoft, who are readying the release of EggHead IV: EggHead Entertains, by Jonathan Cauldwell. The game is set to be released at just £1.99 + postage, and is one of many games due to be rolled out over the coming six months.

Simon Ullyatt, head of Cronosoft, said, "EggHead III: EggHead in Space was the first game released by Cronosoft, and we're delighted with this latest game as we feel it is the best EggHead title to date. Although we've been a little on the quiet side lately, those home-brew programmers have been busier than ever as the amount of software that has been submitted for evaluation is quite staggering. We have many releases lined up for the rest of the year, and the good news for our customers is that it's not just about the quantity of games we'll be making available, but the quality."

Programmer Jonathan Cauldwell, said of the latest outing for the oval hero, "Four years after his last outing Egghead returns in what was arguably his best game yet, with only the sprite routines surviving from Egghead in Space. Everything else was either written anew or adapted from my more recent games, with a simple compression routine enabling 52 locations - the majority of which are based on actual places close to where I live, including three of my local pubs." This game has already available for use on a good Spectrum emulator, with many Speccy fans around the world praising it, to Cauldwell's glee, "So far, I've been delighted with the response this game has generated, and I intend to conclude the EggHead series with one final production, though I have other games to be working on in the immediate future."

EggHead IV: EggHead Entertains was reviewed in issue 903, page 112, by Shaun Bebbington, who wrote, "The sprites move around the screen like the Speccy has a dedicated graphics chip, with hardly a smattering of noticeable colour attribute clash", concluding that the game is "something that's a little bit special, even by Cauldwell's own high standards. EggHead IV is the best game of its type for the Speccy ever" - overall score 9 out of 10.

EggHead IV: EggHead Entertains will see its "real media" release in early June 2006 and will work on a standard 48K machine. For further details, visit

About Cronosoft
Set up at the end of 2002 to support computer systems that no longer seem commercially viable, Cronosoft run on a not for profit basis and have published many different titles for more than half a dozen platforms. With steady growth and strong assets, it has become a leader in a limited and niche marketplace.

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