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The Ass Kickers

Relive the heady 90s arcade lifestyle with this beat'em up.

Nancy, Lorraine-July 6, 2010- AGÔ Games is proud to announce that beat’em up is back!

The Asskickers, AGÔ Games’ debut project, brings back in body and spirit the arcade thrill of the 90’s also known as the 2D beat’em up.

Discover AGÔ Games’ back-to-beat’em up- basics program featuring:

- Alex, Diane and Marcus, three heroes with three different and complementary fighting styles

-Pencil-drawn 2D sprites and backgrounds animated using frame by frame animation

-Non-stop action over seven different levels in the heart of the modern urban jungle

-A wide range of spectacular attacks and devastating combos in true beat’em up fashion

-Tons of dangerous enemies and vicious bosses who really deserve to get their asses kicked

-A two-player cooperative mode with exclusive collaborative attacks

-A survival and time attack mode to unlock with new records to beat

“With The Asskickers, we are trying to capture the vibe of the 90’s beat’em up, explains Stanislas Berton, game director and AGÔ Games founder. We all grew up playing beat’em up classics and The Asskickers is an attempt to capture the beauty of these games and the simple and immediate pleasure they gave us. We chose a traditional 2D art style because we consider it to be part of beat’em up DNA and because we just love the look and feel of good old 2D.

However, The Asskickers is not just about paying tribute to the genre and giving him a good face-lift.

It’s about three heroes sharing a love for the Martial Arts, defending their innocence and their freedom by kicking asses in a world corrupted by greed and special interests.

We could already tell you who get to have their asses kicked but it would amount to wasting a chance to grab the headlines and, as an indie studio, free publicity is the only kind we can afford.

So let your imaginations run wild and rest assured that we will deliver the goods.”

The Asskickers will be available early 2011 on PC and Mac through digital distribution only and hopefully sometimes later in the year on consoles as well.

For the latest on The Asskickers, please visit us online at, like us on Facebook (AGÔ Games) and follow us on Twitter (AGO_Games).

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About AGÔ Games

AGÔ Games is an independent developer and publisher of video games on PC, Mac and consoles founded by Stanislas Berton in 2010 in Nancy, France. AGÔ Games productions are entirely self-funded and available through digital-distribution only.

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