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The Adventures of Rick Rocket

Space shooter offering 48 missions.

For immediate release

February 3, 2009

As mankind is beginning to venture out into the galaxy, a mysterious alien armada appears and attacks the Earth. Space Command calls on its best pilot, Rick Rocket, to take the controls of the X-01 experimental rocket ship and repel the invaders. Join Rick Rocket on an epic adventure across the Milky Way as he first defends the planet and then pursues the alien fleet. Help Rick discover who the aliens are and why they attacked the Earth!

Unlike most shooters, every mission in this game is different, with its own unique objectives and challenges. Various missions will have the player defending command ships or bases from waves of incoming attackers, destroying key ships or installations, rescuing friendly ships that are adrift, capturing disabled enemy ships, collecting satellites or other floating space objects, and more.

The full version of Rick Rocket features:

- Epic space battles between lots of smaller fighters and huge capital ships, set in a wide variety of visually stunning locations

- A total of 48 unique missions, each with its own different goals and challenges

- Over 30 unique spaceships that show damage as they are hit

- 12 different power-ups that give you a variety of weapons and defenses

- Medals to earn for each mission by maximizing bonus points

- Ability to replay missions to try and get a better score

- A majestic music soundtrack that perfectly fits the game

- Play using keyboard, joystick, or game pad

- Automatically saves your progress after every mission

- Player profiles, so each family member can save their own game

"The Adventures of Rick Rocket combines the fun of a classic space shooter with solid story-telling and dynamic mission-oriented gameplay," said Troy Hepfner, President of My Game Company. "Unlike most shooters, which feature level after level of the same tedious gameplay, Rick Rocket provides a unique mission for every level. This gives the player a variety of things to do that keeps the game fresh and interesting. The missions are tied together with an intriguing story that gives meaning to everything you do and keeps you guessing what will happen next. With colorful cartoon graphics, a superb music soundtrack, and epic space battles like those found in popular science fiction television shows and blockbuster movies, Rick Rocket offers you and your children a fun and entertaining experience!"

The trial version of Rick Rocket for Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP can be downloaded online at: http://mygamecompany.swmirror.com/rickrockettrialsetup_windows.exe

The trial version of Rick Rocket for Mac OS X can be downloaded online at: http://www.mygamecompany.com/downloads/RickRocketTrial.dmg

The full version of Dirk Dashing costs $19.99 (USD). A Linux version of the game will also be available shortly.

About My Game Company

Founded in 2003, My Game Company is a family-owned and operated computer game development studio dedicated to providing quality entertainment for children of all ages. Our goal is to produce clean, wholesome games that are original and fun. Our first game, Fashion Cents, was a finalist in the Open Category of the 2004 Independent Games Festival.


For more information about The Adventures of Rick Rocket, contact My Game Company at:

E-mail: info@mygamecompany.com

Company site: http://www.mygamecompany.com Game site: http://www.mygamecompany.com/Products/RickRocket/main.htm

Contact: Troy Hepfner

Company: My Game Company

Title: President

E-mail: info@mygamecompany.com

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