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The Adventure Company’s Return to Mysterious Island is Gold

Paris, France, October 18, 2004 - The Adventure Company, the world's leading PC adventure game publisher, today announced that Return to Mysterious Island has reached gold status. This exotic first person survival adventure game is based on Jules Verne's classic novel.

Return to Mysterious Island follows Mina, a strong young woman taking part in the "Jules Verne Trophy" attempt, a round-the-world sailing expedition. Caught in a tremendous storm, she becomes stranded on the shores of a wild and apparently uninhabited island. As she explores her new surroundings, she uncovers artifacts, living spaces and technologies left behind by the people who came before her to this uncharted island.

Creating a new life, Mina uses her survival skills against the wilds of the jungle. She soon becomes aware of a figure in the shadows who, seemingly aware of her troubles, offers her assistance. She eventually identifies this figure as the unsettled ghost of Captain Nemo, whose body is located inside Granite House, well known by readers of the novel. Piecing together the hints and clues he provides, Mina will discover secrets not even revealed by Jules Verne himself. She must retrieve Captain Nemo's body and give him a proper burial in order to free his tortured soul and then travel to the Nautilus.

Players will solve a variety of intuitive puzzle challenges and use the various technologies found on the Nautilus to help on their return to civilization. There is no imposed linear order to solve the puzzles and advance in the game. Players will have multiple choices, depending on the resources they acquire throughout their adventure and the way they want to play. The game also offers photo-realistic pre-rendered graphics, an easy to use point-and-click interface and a unique inventory system where items can be combined and dismantled for use throughout the game.

Developed by Kheops Studio, Return to Mysterious Island has an ESRB rating of 'T' for Teen in North America and "3+ PEGI" in Europe. The game will ship in North America on October 26th and begins releasing in Europe on November 12th.

About The Adventure Company:

The Adventure Company, a division of DreamCatcher Interactive Inc., is the worldwide leading publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software devoted exclusively to the adventure game market. Its extensive portfolio of best-selling and award winning games includes the Atlantis series, Aura, Schizm 2. Currently under licensed development is a series of video games based on best selling novels created by best selling mystery author Agatha Christie.

More information about The Adventure Company and its products can be found at

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