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Teyon's DSiWare line-up

Robot Rescue and Ball Fighter both finished and available soon.

Kraków, 3 November 2009

Teyon revealed today screenshots of 2 upcoming DSiWare™ titles: Robot Rescue and Ball Fighter, along with detailed game descriptions. The games are already finished and soon they will be available on DSiWare. Both games are rated E for EVERYONE (with Comic Mischief descriptor for Robot Rescue) by ESRB.

In Robot Rescue you need to release robots trapped in evil computer labyrinths and get them to an exit. All robots are linked together, so when you move one of them, you move them all. Most importantly you have to look out for traps! Missions are full of deadly obstacles, so be careful.

Find out more details at the game’s page.

In Ball Fighter your task is to destroy colorful spheres. Catch and throw them back before they reach the bottom of the well. Connect at least 3 of the same color vertically to make them explode and disappear. You can also encounter a few bonus types like rockets, bombs or brushes.

Find out more details at the game’s page.

More information on games will become available when the titles hit the DSiWare service.

About Teyon

Company was founded in 2006 in Kraków, Poland by people who work in the industry since 2002 (previously known as Destan). Teyon develops, produces and publishes video games for various platforms (PC, MacOS X, DS, Wii, X360, PSP, PS3). Over past years Teyon has developed many games from various genres like casual, action, racing, sim, games for mat and others.



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