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Text Zedventure

Text-only adventure out now for Windows Phone 7.

In this text-only adventure, you must escape a city ravaged by a mysterious infection. Explore a deserted residence, train station and shopping centre in three unique chapters with multiple endings. Each chapter is designed for replayability, where a single choice can lead to a dramatically different outcome.

The title supports custom soundtracks and features a trial mode. It can be purchased for £0.79 / $1.00 / €1.00 from 17 regions worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

What critics have had to say about the Xbox 360 version:

"Matthew Reynolds' moody little masterpiece is surprisingly pacy for a text game... This is far more gripping than it should be." Official Xbox Magazine UK

"Short but enviably sharp, with a streamlined interface and evocative visual design... It's a relic, certainly, but a charming and very literate one." Edge Magazine

"There's a solid understanding of what makes adventure games work here – the story fills out pleasingly as you follow the breadcrumb trail of options, and the simple presentation fits extremely well with the grisly story – playing through the game is a surprisingly tense experience." The Guardian

"Yet despite its simplistic, bare-bones nature, Text Zedventure creates the kind of tension and atmosphere that most games fail miserably to conjure up... But it’s gripping and there are some interesting situations and dilemmas that really made me stop and think about my next decision." Gamesradar.com

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Text Zedventure was created by Matthew Reynolds. To learn more about Text  Zedventure, visit  www.crazyreyn.com. Please contact  crazyreyn@gmail.com if you have any further questions or comments.  

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