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Tesco Direct to sell PSPgo for £199

Console's £224.99 RRP slashed by supermarket giant ahead of launch

Tesco Direct has stepped up as the first retailer to offer Sony's new PSPgo at a price significantly below its confirmed recommended retail price, listing the console at GBP 199.97 on its online site.

Earlier this week, Sony confirmed the RRP for the console in the UK would be GBP 224.99 - a price which most specialist stores, including Play.com and Game, are currently listing the console at.

But the supermarket giant's online store is now the first to significantly undercut that price, offering the discounted console, plus free delivery, to all pre-order customers. Although it's not clear at present if the sub-GBP 200 price point will remain after the system is released. The store also states a release date of October 2 - one day later than the official release day confirmed by Sony.

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Kath Brice